Tuesday, April 10, 2007


This will only be humorous if you read "The Devious Easter Bunny" first. We planned a no black jelly bean Easter! Sad but true! My mom searched for them with no luck!! But like my mother I had a plan of my own to get my favorite Easter candy. I bought Elijah a solid chocolate Easter bunny and sadly I will have to eat it because he totally hates chocolate. Too bad - haha! We had a really good but crazy Easter. We went to two church services, family lunch at my mom's and had our Easter egg hunt that we love!! It was a long day! We ended up with 10 grandkids and about 350 easter eggs to hide because everyone showed up with eggs this year. Where do you hide 350 eggs? You don't! Eventually we had to just throw them in the yard because we ran out of hiding places in the front and back yard. Elijah was proud of all the hidden treasure he found but he doesn't eat candy. Sometimes we wonder if he is truly our child because he just won't eat candy. I guess it is a good thing just rather odd that a child of ours doesn't like candy or any sweets for that matter. Isaiah on the other hand will eat absolutely anything in sight so we know he is ours!! Isaiah was really into the egg hunt this year so that made it even more fun! And of course I couldn't wait to get home and do the myspace Easter slideshow. How pathetic and addictive is that??!?!?!

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