Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Yes it is yet another Elijah story but it is REALLY sweet. The other day my mom took the boys to the park and was pushing them on the swings when Elijah said, "Meme you are the greatest meme in the whole wide world!" She said modestly but happy "Thank you!" He continued to talk like always, "When you die don't worry because you will always live in my heart!" My mom started to cry and then he said, "And when you get to heaven don't worry just wait I'll meet you there and we can be together for always!" My mom was crying harder now and thought it was the sweetest thing ever. How sweet is that! Sometimes I wonder if he loves her more than me or maybe she is just better at spoiling him! I worry how he would be if something actually happened to her. It sounds bad to think about but I don't know what I would do and he has seen my mom almost everyday since he was 6 mos old. They are VERY attached!! My mom is the greatest mom on Earth and my only hope is that my boys love, admire and appreciate me as much as I do her because that would be the greatest gift. If he only knew how much he has taught me about life when it's really my job to teach him. I was told when I was 21 that I would not be able to have children and that was a very difficult thing to swallow. So imagine my "surprise" when I found out I was pregnant the first time and then the second. God gave me the two most precious gifts a woman can have and I need to think about that when they drive me nuts!! Seriously they make my day and I love watching them with their father but I wish I could show them to the doctor who said I couldn't have kids but he has since moved out of state. Things that make you say hmmmm.! This cute story got kinda long and off track but that is true Angie fashion.

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