Monday, April 09, 2007


Isaiah got RSV when he was 9 mos old and ever since then it has been just one thing after another with that boy - things that aren't even related but that is when everything began! In the past 11 mos, Isaiah has had 10 ear infections and they are getting harder and harder to cure and of course he gets diarrhea with all antibiotics so then he gets diaper rash. I feel sorry for the poor kid because I am sure he is more sick of it than I am. Well today we went to see an ENT named Dr. Vaidya and he was an amazing doctor. He was great at explaining everything and really good with Isaiah who by the way has screamed at every doctor since he went through the whole RSV deal. I do mean scream!! Isaiah didn't even wimper there even at the hearing test and ear pressure test (I don't know the actual name!). Isaiah will be getting tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed on May 1!! I know it may sound odd to want your child to go through that but I can't wait for my baby to feel better. It makes me sad to think that all this pressure in his ears has been causing him pain even if it isn't infected! He has significant hearing loss that the doctor "hopes" will be recovered! On the ear pressure test his line was completely flat which to my understanding means his ear drum is not even vibrating enough to register because of all the fluid in his ear. He said his hearing test results were right on the verge of what will normally be recovered and that which is often permanent. However he said he would be worried about it more if he was older because hearing test results are not as reliable at his age because they may not turn their head when they first hear the noise instead they may wait until it annoys them which totally fits his personality. He said we won't know for sure until he gets the tubes and gets a little older for some other hearing tests. I've wondered for awhile if he might have trouble hearing especially when he has an ear infection. If he isn't facing me then I can call his name about ten times before he turns around but again he is very stubborn so he could just be ignoring me and that is what I want to believe right now! Plus when he has an ear infection he doesn't speak as clear which could be the case for any child but he doesn't talk as well as Elijah did at this age but then comes the fact that each child is different. He is also a REALLY loud child which he said is because everything sounds muffled to him so he has to be loud to hear himself - how sad is that. Basically I am trying to be hopeful that he has no permanent damage but I always have my best friend in mind because her son had the same problem with the doctor sending her to an ENT much later than he should have and he still has some hearing loss. I am trying really hard to be hopeful because right now I could easily go the other way! The funny part is every parent wants their kid to do their best well I was doing just that in the hearing test like it was some kind of competition. He was sitting on my lap and I heard the noise when it started. He wouldn't turn his head until it was kinda loud but the whole time in my head I was thinking "just turn your head, come on turn your head, please hurry". For now I am believing everything is going to turn out for the better and hope the doctor's prediction for better sleep in Isaiah's future will come true!!!

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