Sunday, April 08, 2007

He missed me!

My sister and her husband went to Las Vegas this past week and my mom watched their 3 yr old son Logan for four days. After the first night my mother seriously requested Elijah stay with Logan to make him more comfortable since he was asking my dad to drive him to Las Vegas unless Elijah stayed, so I obliged! After the first night Elijah didn't seem to care one bit but he has spent one night at Meme's before and loves it. I thought surely the second night he would miss me and it was kind of awkward without him. It was REALLY quiet!! I starting missing him though. It was weird only taking one child to run all my errands and poor Isaiah just looked for Elijah all night long. So I decided to call and make sure he was missing me. NO such luck! We talked for a minute then ended our conversation because he had to go play! I said, "I love you!" He said, "I love you too mommy!" I said, "I love you more!" And he said hastily, "I love you more!" I said, "What happened to 90, 60, 14, 19, 7, 8 20 millions?" He said, "Mo-om I love you a lot!" sounding really annoyed. I was crushed my baby didn't miss me a bit and had only ever been away from me for one night at a time in 5 yrs and now he didn't care not to see me for almost three full days!! What is with that? He is and always will be my baby boy! For about a year out of the blue he will say "Mommy I love you 90, 60, 14, 19, 7, 8, 20 millions! Is that a lot millions?" I always reply back "Yes, but I love you 80, 100, 55, 2, 15, 17, 5000 trillions!" and he says "Wow that's a lot!" Now he didn't even care! Literally I was crushed!! My husband was even upset that he didn't really want to talk to us! Anyway the third day he was mine and on the way home he says "Mommy will you watch a movie with me and let me sit in your lap? I had fun at Meme's but I sure missed you guys! Were you upset there wasn't anyone rotten at the house?" Awwww my boy was back! Isn't life grand!! But after about 3 hours of the NONSTOP talking I was ready for him to go to bed!! We will be going to Nashville for a wedding the end of May for four days without the boys and he BETTER miss me however I think he'd live with my mom if we'd let him!

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