Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Devious Little Easter Bunny

It is that time of year again! Time for my mom to manipulate the easter eggs. When we were little we used to give my mom all the black jelly beans and black licorice. It took a really long time for us to realize why there was always so many eggs filled with black jelly beans. She bought extra because she knew we would give them to her. Well she is at it again. Sad but true she has cast her devious plot onto the naive grandbabies. Last year she even filled eggs completely full of black jelly beans and hid them. When the unsuspecting grandkids would find the eggs filled with the nastiness Meme calls candy, they would try the candy, make an awful face and hand the egg back to her. She would try to act all concerned saying "It's okay baby Meme will eat them!" Last year I even found her participating in our easter egg hunt to find the rotten eggs and she would say "Well look this one is full of black jelly beans I guess I'll keep it!" WHAT! She is the one that filled the eggs and helped hide them. She also filled some eggs with money. My brother and sister-in-law hid some of the eggs last year and they are devious too! She was leading her son directly to all the eggs with money! I think I will put some coal in a couple of eggs, hid them and see how my mom likes the "big black jelly bean"! My mom is the sweetest person I've ever known so I guess this is her one time each year to be a little devious.

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