Wednesday, April 18, 2007


You know the feeling down deep. The one voice every human has. We've all heard it. We've all ignored it. Now is the time to follow your heart, your intuition. The doctors don't always hear our voice but we must make ourselves heard. Too many times we are told everything is ok, just wait it out, your just being over protective, he's a late bloomer........ Make them listen. I recently watched the Oprah show about autism based off a documentary from Autism Speaks and it really brought to light how important a mother's intuition is and how we shouldn't give up. All too often instead of looking deeper into the problem it gets put off until it can no longer go ignored. This is true about many things in life but when it comes to our children we have to be their advocate. For instance for months and months I thought my son should see an ENT not only because of the constant ear infections but because I didn't think he was hearing me like he should. I switched pediatricians (for a completely different reason) and I really like the new one and trust his judgment. I do not blame him but I will blame myself if he ends up with permanent hearing loss for not following my mother's intuition. The sinking feeling in my stomach, the constant voice in my head telling me to just take him to an ENT and get another opinion. I know everyone will tell me it isn't my fault but it is my fault for not making my concerns heard. I am trying to be positive and hoping and praying for the best outcome possible but seriously how could I not be partially to blame. I know three people with Autistic children and they kept telling the doctor something wasn't right (I know my son getting tubes and his hearing loss is nothing when compared to parents raising children with autism or other disorders but just stick with me here!). They always got the cookie cutter responses and it took several doctors to finally get a diagnosis. Now they all play the what if game and man let me tell you it is the hardest game you will ever play in life. Everyone says get past it and move on with your life which we all must do but when your child is the one that's suffering let's see how well you deal with it. Autism Spectrum Disorder is such a broad disorder and so little is known about it like the cause, a definate treatment, or a cure. Just because I know people affected by the disorder I have recently been trying my hardest to learn about it and get involved like I never thought I would. Autism Speaks is an amazing organization trying to find answers to all the unanswered questions. They have a documentary out called Autism Everyday that I think everyone should see. You get to see how common Autism is but how it affects each family in a different way. You can see it at They also have letters to congress you just fill out your personal info and it sends letters to request support for EPIAA and funding for the Combating Autism Act. It is really easy just enter the information and click on submit. The letter is already written for you. How easy is that!! Wish school papers were that easy! Don't get me wrong I love my new pediatrician and there are amazing doctors out there that will listen to patients or their parents. There are plenty of doctors that really care about the people they treat BUT it is your job to find those doctors for your family and don't settle for less!!! If you don't get the treatment you think you deserve then move on and this doesn't apply to when you just don't get what you want - don't be psycho mommy just wanting drugs for your baby!! FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! And if you don't believe me but you'll believe Opray she says FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! Great minds think alike! Haha! Love ya'll! This is White Oprah signing off - I think I need my own show! You think this was bad wait till I get started on welfare reform. J/K

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