Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today was Avery's 6th Birthday party at Elijah's favorite place Incredible Pizza. Avery went to WEE Ministries together for 3 or 4 years and they are "bestest" friends. Elijah was the only friend Avery wanted at his party so it was just going to be our two families and his grandparents; however, Avery's mom had to stay home with his sister Alexis and Martez had to stay home with Isaiah b/c both Alexis and Isaiah were sick. They were going to cancel but Avery was upset so we went along for some fun. They always play really good together and have a blast.

Avery loves Star Wars and here he is with a new Star Wars toy and humming the theme song with Elijah doing sound effects! Boys?!?!?

Fun driving bumper cars

They finished off the party with bowling. It was Elijah's first time to bowl. He did really good. At the end he was behind by one then he got a strike and won! He was so excited!

Isaiah was happy to see Elijah come home! Isaiah was sick and he just crawled onto Elijah's lat and eventually fell asleep.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


This blog will be short and sweet!! Elijah went to the dentist for the first time today. He did great and I must say I love this place b/c I thought he was going to totally flip out hence the reason I waited so long but they were amazing. They explained everything on his level and demonstrated everything before they just shoved it into his mouth. Very different from when I was young in fact I eventually had to be taken to a very expensive children's dentist that would totally knock me out for everything. I laugh now when I think about it! Anyway he did great and he had no cavities. They said his teeth are in very good shape and complimented me for taking the time to brush his teeth for him. I let him brush his teeth first and then I REALLY brush them and I will continue to do so until I KNOW he can do a good job!

He is watching cartoons!


Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Recently some of my in-laws have accused my husband of "acting white". Unsure of what they meant, we asked. Their response was when a black man marries a white woman he then begins to act white. Again we asked how is he "acting white"! Their next response was something about us having a house with nice things. Hmmmm.....I think I smell a BIG GREEN EYED MONSTER HERE!!! They go into this long story about how I was raised different. Somehow they think I was born with the silver spoon and handed everything I wanted....that is so wrong! I started working at the age of 10 before and after school and have worked ever since! I paid for my clothes, my car, all of my gas, my insurance and any functions I wanted to do all by myself! They also believe that every white person that grows up in Broken Arrow must be rich! Ha! This is all coming from a bunch of so called "Christians" who are not supposed to be judging or envying but that is ALL they seem to do when it comes to us! This is so freaking annoying but hilarious at the same time. But I am really sick of hearing about it all the freaking time! I am sorry but I do not feel sorry for them at all AND I don't feel I should have to feel guilty for anything I have worked for. They (the ones making the comments) are on welfare and will continue to be on welfare until they get their lazy asses up and get JOBS! I can say all of this because that is exactly what they do! I understand welfare and its necessity but I also know that a ton of people abuse it and use it as a way of life so they don't have to work. They can get jobs but then they will quit the job after a month or so because if you make too much then the welfare stops! Crap isn't that the point. Welfare should be a hand up not a hand-out!! Why would you want to be dependent on the government that you complain about so much? Anyhow apparently owning a home, a couple of cars and nice furniture means you must be white. And in their words he wouldn't be financially stable if he married a black woman which seriously cracked me up. Hello dumbass, you are a black woman so basically you just degraded yourself! So are they saying if he married a black woman that he wouldn't have been able to have everything he has now. It makes me mad that they think that little of him yet claim not to. So are they then saying that African-Americans can not work hard to achieve financial stability? It shouldn't matter what race your spouse is, you become financially stable by making good financial decisions and working hard. We work hard for everything we have. Our furniture we have bought throughout the years with our tax refunds as well as paid off all debt and made improvements to the house. Do they not realize that anyone can buy a house and nice things if you are willing to work for it? Nice furniture? I am sorry if I don't go out and spend my hard earned money on crap like you!! They act like we just go buy what we want when we want it - no! We do not own a money tree and my parents DO NOT SUPPORT US! We do a thing called SAVING our money to buy the big ticket items and we PLAN for our future as much as possible and we also use our tax return for those big items and home improvements. Plus I am bargain shopper extraordinaire!! We did not start our lives together with everything we have now. We worked hard and planned and now 7 years later we are doing good. We do not rub our life into anyones face so why do they feel like they have any right to comment on our lives!! Man I am seriously pissed and tired of the crap. They are merely jealous and judgmental. They know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ME OR HOW I GREW UP NOR HAS ANYONE IN HIS FAMILY EVER ASKED ME ANYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE!! So lay off my life and worry about your own! I am happy with my life - it is you that feels like you have to tear everyone apart to build yourself up! I also don't understand how any of the things they complain about are "white". I guess trying to be successful and making sound hopefully stabilizing decisions in their eyes is only for "white" people. That just degrades yourself stupid! I know plenty of white people unable to make sound financial decisions and are swimming in debt and or on welfare so this assumption is clearly untrue. It is a personal decision not a decision based on their race. I was on WIC when we first had Elijah and I was embarrassed and swore I would never be on any assistance again. If you CHOOSE to remain on assistance rather than do whatever is necessary sustain a better lifestyle for your children, than I have no pity for you and don't want to hear about how much worse off you and your children are than mine. I will not feel guilty for trying my hardest to do everything I can for my family. Maybe you should stop all the racial based accusations and take a look in the mirror......I guess loving your granchildren, nieces and nephews, etc no matter what their race is must be a "white" thing to because my family has absolutely no problem with my husband and children while their "black" family has absolutely nothing to do with them and in social occasions doesn't even acknowledge them. You want to go somewhere lets go there! This whole deal has nothing to do with the life we have created it is: 1) mere jealousy of our happiness, 2) jealousy over material things which in the end won't matter anyway, 3) outright racism because they don't want him married to a white woman, and 4) upset because he doesn't answer their every beck and call and request for money (get a job!). Martez led a questionable lifestyle before we were together but he decided it wasn't getting him anywhere. EVERY male in his family on both his mother's side and father's side has been to the pen and he didn't want to go there so he changed. They keep mentioning all the changes like they are bad. Heaven forbid he changes his course, gets married and moves on to a better way of life! I honestly sometimes think they would rather he continued that life and ended up in jail than to marry me. What they don't understand is if they were only willing to try to get to know me and accept me, my marriage and my children they would realize how great I am!!! Ha! I mean I will do anything for those that I love but they've never even given me a chance! Martez realizes the truth behind everything they say and sees the jealousy but it still hurts him too! Sorry I have gone off for so long I just started typing and couldn't stop because I was only getting madder and madder!!! I could go on soooooooo much more but alas I will stop here other than to say the next time this is brought up to Martez we came up with his comeback: If being on welfare, watching my kids go hungry, being dirty and downright miserable enough to bring down everyone around me is acting "black" than I guess I don't want to do that. I am proud of my heritage but not your screwed up concept of it because I want to succeed in life and if that makes me "white" in YOUR eyes than so be it because I no longer care what you think. I do not feel I act "white" whatever that is supposed to mean I AM TRYING TO CARE FOR MY WIFE AND CHILDREN IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE WHICH I WOULD CALL ACTING LIKE A RESPONSIBLE ADULT MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!