Sunday, February 24, 2008


Today was Avery's 6th Birthday party at Elijah's favorite place Incredible Pizza. Avery went to WEE Ministries together for 3 or 4 years and they are "bestest" friends. Elijah was the only friend Avery wanted at his party so it was just going to be our two families and his grandparents; however, Avery's mom had to stay home with his sister Alexis and Martez had to stay home with Isaiah b/c both Alexis and Isaiah were sick. They were going to cancel but Avery was upset so we went along for some fun. They always play really good together and have a blast.

Avery loves Star Wars and here he is with a new Star Wars toy and humming the theme song with Elijah doing sound effects! Boys?!?!?

Fun driving bumper cars

They finished off the party with bowling. It was Elijah's first time to bowl. He did really good. At the end he was behind by one then he got a strike and won! He was so excited!

Isaiah was happy to see Elijah come home! Isaiah was sick and he just crawled onto Elijah's lat and eventually fell asleep.

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