Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Time once again for MamaKat's Writer's Workshop Wednesday and I picked a few prompts for this week.....

1.) Interview a child.(inspired by Quilao Triplets)

I had to do this one since I had so much fun interviewing them about me!! It was hilarious!! I didn't get as many funny answers on this one but it was still fun!

Answered by Elijah age 7:

Daddy is 35 years old. (buzzer sounding he is 33!)

His eyes are brown.

His favorite food is bananas oh and he loves peanut butter and jelly!! (So true although I would've gone with chicken!)

He's stronger than an elephant

His job is I don't know to work

He's really good at playing football on the playstation (funny since he doesn't play that much) oh and uh he is really good at buying ugly cars (this is hilarious to me since I hate the junkheaps he brings home to restore!) .....oh and driving! (NOTE: I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH THIS ~ HE IS A HORRIBLE DRIVER!!)

What is Daddy not very good at? cooking (Very true but I would like to add ~ DRIVING!)

I love my daddy because he is my Dad and he likes to be my coach when I play sports and he taught me how to ride my BIG bike that I thought I would never be able to ride because it is SO big!!

What makes Daddy happy? me listening

How does Daddy make you laugh? tickling me

How tall is Daddy? 300 feet

What is Daddy's shoe size? uh I don't know......size that right? Quit typing everything I say!....Am I close?.....ugh quit (NO!)

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? sleep, eat, talk on the phone and watch football

How are you and Daddy alike? We have brown eyes

How are you and Daddy different? He is black and I am brown

How do you know Daddy loves you? Cause he's my Dad

Answered by Isaiah age 4:

I shortened his significantly due to the amount of anxiety during the whole Mommy interview I didn't think he could handle much more!!

Daddy is 33 years old!! (Dingdingdingdingding ~ correct baby boy!)

His eyes are hoad on so I can go wook...........they are brown. (form of cheating but I will let it slide)

His favorite food "panatates" (pancakes)

He's stronger than me.

His job is to work and make money!!

He's really good at working, doing exercise and taking me everywhere!

What is Daddy not good at? he's not dood at dwiving (RIGHT ON!)

I love my Daddy because Daddy took me to the doctor when I was sick one time (one time is right!!)

How do you know Daddy loves you? Betuz I always say, "I wuv you buncha bunches!" and he always says, "I love you too son!" and he gets me baby donuts on Sundays

How tall is Daddy? let me show you! He hops off my bed then places one hand on the floor and stretches the other arm as high as he can basically the span of his little four year old arms. I said, "Wow that tall?" He replies with, "Yea I know he is weally tall. Taller than us and taller than you!" (I don't think Hubs and "really tall" have even been used in the same sentence before.....bwahahahaha!!)

2.) How do you stave off boredom?(inspired by Jenn's Pen)

computers, dvr, cleaning and small children who limit time with the first two until they fall asleep!!

4.) Describe a memorable interview or talk about your experience trying to find a job amidst this recession.(inspired by Lacey)

Wow I've been wanting to blog about this! I went to apply for a job a couple of weeks ago and couldn't get into the door of the building. I went back to my truck to look at the hours and couldn't figure out why I couldn't open the door. Back to the door where there are no buttons, no intercoms when a strange man comes to the door asking what I needed. I replied, "I am here to apply for a job!" He then lets me in and leads me through a dark room full of dining room tables nicely arranged and beautiful couches along the perimeter. He then took me down several flights of stairs. The building was completely dark aside from a few sconces and very very quiet besides the loud clangs of my heels on the hollow stairs. At this point, I thought he was going to murder me and I was thankful at least my sister-in-law would know where I was since I had to call her to mapquest the address since I forgot my GPS at home. At this point I begin to hear some distant rambling and some hollering but at least I knew I wasn't alone. He then leads me through another darkened room then through a glass door down a hall to another door with a piece of paper taped to it reading, "Human Resources"......classy I know! The lady at the desk promptly says, "How did you get in here?" My reply, "The door........" at which point she cuts me off with "all the doors are locked!" I said, "A man brought me down here. Am I not supposed to be here? The ad read "apply in person"!" She then hands me an application and leads me to a dimly lit room with just a table and chair. I wanted to run back up the stairs and leave right that second. Alas, I need a job so I did not plus they would hear the clanging of my heels. The application was about 10 pages long with a full page front and back asking if I possessed the ability to speak in tongues and if I was "fluent". I don't believe in that (not trying to offend anyone who is I just grew up in a church that did not speak in tongues). First of all, I didn't realize one could be "fluent" in tongues. Seriously, if someone is speaking in tongues I didn't think anyone could understand them let alone interpret or translate. I thought it was more of a "moving of the spirit" rather than an actual language. Secondly, isn't it discrimination to ask religious belief questions on an application! I guess maybe if I was declined the job because of my inability to be "fluent in tongues" then that could be discrimination. Not worried though since I don't want this job! Long story short..........the job is low paying and I would be sitting in a cave for eight hours a day FILING!! I HATE FILING!! She kept going on and on and on and on about the filing portion and how difficult the filing would be. I hate filing but it is not difficult as long as you know the alphabet. She kept going back to the difficult filing and all I could figure is maybe they write in tongues there and so I would have to file in tongues therefore possessing the need to be fluent. Again, I really know nothing of speaking in tongues but I am almost sure you can't write in tongues BUT I could be wrong. It has happened once before! Anyway I kept thinking do I need to read tongues so I can file in tongues because even though I hate filing it is one of the most basic office duties! The lady basically said I was over qualified (thanks!). My fear is she REALLY LIKED me and interviewed me for over an hour. She really was down to earth and sweet. With my luck THIS will be the job I am offered!! I found out the decorative first room was actually a television set used for television ministry and the people hollering were actually praying in tongues on the prayer hotline.....who knew?!?!
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  1. You need to take a "speaking in tongues" course! Or else the "turn into a fire-breathing dragon" one. Doing either during the interview might have made for a shorter experience.

  2. Think of all the interesting blog material you would have if you got that job!!

  3. Lol, you're so right, kids are so funny with their 'interviews'. I once asked my daughter, 'what do I like to do', and she said, 'you like to mop and wash dishes' lol! Of course I dont! But its so funny how they observe and interpret things. I love their minds.

    Great post =)

  4. OK, you know my opinion about people making money off of God. The tongues question is really, really odd.


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