Monday, March 16, 2009


I stole this meme from Jiggity Jigg who stole it from Dawn's Diversions but due to the cuteness and funny factor I am willing to risk their wrath. Just kidding but you should go read their answers too! I was definitely curious to see what my boys would say. I changed a couple of their questions and added a few. I interviewed Elijah (my 7 yr old son), Tez (my 15 yr old stepson) and Isaiah (My 3 yr old son who says he is 5!)

1. What is something Mom always says to you?

Elijah ~ "No!"

Tez ~ "Don't say your the king!" (Good answer! I hate it when he says that!)

Isaiah ~ "uh....stop..."(SO TRUE!)

2. What makes Mom happy?

Elijah ~ "What? I don't know! Are you going to give this to people? I don't know ~ presents! Wait what does that say? What are you typing? How do you type without looking at letters?"

Tez ~ "Daddy" (Aww, how sweet is that! At least he can tell we love each other and I am proud of that!)

Isaiah ~ "the heartwing" (Needless to say he was very frustrated since I had no clue what he was saying! He had to go get the ring he gave me for Valentine's......Yes baby this makes me very happy!!)

3. What makes Mom sad?

Elijah ~ "when I get in trouble"

Tez ~ "when I lie" (he lied constantly when he first came to live with us and I hated it ~ needless to say he had Irish Spring breath for some time!)

Isaiah ~ "when I don't stop running" (YES IT DRIVES ME NUTS! He has two speeds - asleep and running!)

4. How does your Mom make you laugh?

Elijah ~ "funny things and tickling me"

Tez ~ "umm.....scaring me" (I laugh just thinking about it! I hide sometimes when I know he is about to walk by then I jump out to scare him. It cracks me up! You would think he would catch on by now but no and until then I will keep on doing it! I wish you could see his face each time!)

Isaiah ~ "tickling"

5. What was your Mom like as a child?

Elijah ~ "uh, uh, ..........." **several minutes of silence**........"you were....why are typing that when I didn't say were.....uh.....a farmer" (Well sort of for awhile)

Tez ~ "a smart intelligent girl" (True very very true! Wait what is he sucking up for?)

Isaiah ~ "like Addison" (Since he is totally in love with her and she is beautiful, I will proudly accept this answer!)

6. How old is your Mom?

Elijah ~ "33" (he's a genius!)

Tez ~ "32....oops well I was close"

Isaiah ~ "65....I don't know " (He is beginning to get nervous and not wanting to play along like a wrong answer will send him to bed! It's okay baby boy!)

7. How tall is your Mom?

Elijah ~ "I don't know! 100 feet"

Me ~ "Well if YOU are 4 feet now how tall am I?"

Elijah ~ thinking ensues....."wait if I'm 4 feet tall then you are just 20 feet tall"

Tez ~ "umm.....6'2"......wait nooo....." (me laughing hysterically)......"5' 20" wait no 5'9""

Isaiah ~ "uh this big" {insert arms stretched out about a foot}

8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Elijah ~ "sleep....."(me: besides that)......."getting on the computer" (This kind of annoyed me since YES I love to sleep but I never do it so it made me seem lazy which I am not!)

Tez ~ "make a scrapbook"

Isaiah ~ "doing homework " (Um....NO!)

9. What does your Mom do when you're not around?

Elijah ~ "you work"

Tez ~ "scrapbook, work"

Isaiah ~ "go to bed" (I wish!)

10. If your Mom becomes famous, what will it be for?

Elijah ~ "a mom aaaannnnndddd rich and wait that's not it......"**then nothing but silence**

Tez ~ "scrapbooking"

Isaiah ~ "going to work"

11. What is your Mom really good at?

Elijah ~ "working, really good at working, taking care of your kids"

Tez ~ "scrapbooking" {Insert me bopping him on the back of the head in hopes of getting a different answer since his last four answers have been scrapbooking!)

Isaiah ~ "good at racing" (I do love to drive!)

12. What is your Mom not very good at?

Elijah ~ "this one is kinda hard......don't write what I say....hmm....."(silence probably b/c I am good at everything ~ love it!)

Tez ~ "skateboarding" (See it worked! And I definitely can't skateboard!)

Isaiah ~ "uh..uh...uh...I don't know" (He looks like these are life and death questions and he is sad!)

13.What is your Mom's favorite food?

I totally thought they would nail this question! Boy was I wrong!

Elijah ~ "Subway" (No!)
Tez interrupts~ "don't say chicken"
Elijah ~ ".....i don't know.....taquitos, salads" (NO and NO)

Tez ~ "vegetables.....have you ever tasted quesadillas.....salads" (NO, yes and NO!)

I can't believe they don't know this!

Isaiah ~ "uh..uh...rolls"

14.What makes you proud of your Mom?

Elijah ~ "being my Mom" (This almost made me cry!)

Tez ~ "that you love me and care for me" (Wow! He does see it!)

Isaiah ~ "uh....uh....uh.....uh...uh.....I don't know!"

15. If your Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?

Elijah ~ "Cat woman"

Tez ~ "Tweetie"

Elijah ~ "Why would you say Tweetie? Do you really think she can fly?"

True but I can't fit into Cat Woman's costume either Elijah!

Isaiah ~ "Spongebob"

16. What do you and your Mom do together?
Elijah ~ "errands, go shopping, cooking"

Tez ~ "spend time"

Isaiah ~ "pink the dinosaurs" (In Isaiah's world, pink is paint! We painted dinos the other night ~ thanks Shan!)

17. How are you and your Mom the same?

Elijah ~"were both humans"

Tez ~ "we both cheer Elijah on when he plays sports"

Isaiah ~ "uh....I love you "

18. How are you and your Mom different?

Elijah ~ " I'm not white!" (OHHHH SHAN! You know this hit a nerve! BOY you are half white! Just because your outer appearance is brown does not give you the right to deny that your Momma carried you for nine months!! Ugh! Ok so I did not say all this to him but it urks me.....don't even get me started because then I will have to talk about Obama!!)

Tez ~ "I'm not white!" (True!)

Isaiah ~ almost in tears but he will not quit no matter how many times I tell him he doesn't have to finish says, "I don't know Momma! I just so tired!"

19. How do you know your Mom loves you?

Elijah ~ "you care about me and you do fun things with me and you mostly say yes"

Tez ~ "what Elijah said"

Isaiah ~ "uh...uh spank you butt.....tuz it's hard, it's hard, it's so hard, hard to say....I just don't know!"

20. What does your Mom like most about your Dad?

Elijah ~ "he cares about you and loves you so much...he loves you more than you can count the stars"

Tez ~ "his looks and he's charming and he's funny....sometimes....well maybe but you are definitely funnier" (love it!)

Isaiah ~ "that you fight"

Me ~ "We don't fight!"

Isaiah ~ "Yes you do! You fight all the time!"

Me ~ "No we do not....tell Mommy what you are talking about" (I'm thinking what in the world is he talking about b/c honestly we hardly EVER argue and I don't want him telling people this!"

Isaiah ~ "well then why does Daddy spank your butt all the time Mommy. He is always spanking your butt!"

Me ~ LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!! Trying to come up with a proper explanation for why Hubs always smacks me on the butt......not coming.....

Tez ~ Smirking, laughing and embarrassed

Me ~ "Dear, you need to come explain to your son that you smacking me on the butt is not fighting!"

Hubs ~ "oops but at least he realizes you like it about me!"

21. Where is your Mom's favorite place to go?

Elijah ~ "to the mall and shop and Wal-mart and come home"

Tez ~ "I think Target. I don't know maybe"

Elijah ~ "she doesn't go to Target any more so you are talking about the old days and you are going to upset her" (he knows I miss Target!)

Tez ~ "What are we doing? What is this? Is this a will?" (AGAIN ME LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY)

Isaiah ~ "uh....uh....uh....let's do something else PLEASE!"

22. What is Mommy's TV show?

picture them rattling these of in 10 seconds

Elijah ~ "Oooo I know! All My Children and One Life to Live"

Tez ~ "Dang he took my answer wait I'll add General Hospital"

Elijah ~ "Survivor" (I don't even watch that!)

Tez ~ "American Idol and Lost" (I definitely don't watch Lost or understand the craze b/c that show does nothing but get me Lost everytime I've tried to watch it!)

Tez ~ "WAIT...Amazing Race!" (FINALLY!)

Isaiah ~ "uh....uh.... Jon and Tate pwus 8" (Jon and Kate plus 8 ~ he LOVES that show! It is a cure all for him! He is tired, grouchy, hurt......turn on a DVR'd Jon and Kate and he is content! Thank you Jon and Kate!)

23. What is Mommy's shoe size?

Elijah ~ "go on to Tez while I look at one of your shoes!"

Tez ~ "I think it is 9 and a half"

Elijah ~ "no I looked it is 90!" {insert me laughing since he actually looked in a shoe and still said 90!} ".....wait I didn't say 90 I said 9D!" {me still laughing because that is still wrong!}

Isaiah ~ "flip flops!" (Well although this is not my shoe size it is my favorite footwear)

24. Am I a good cook?

Warning: A wrong answer to this question could lead to severe prolonged hunger!

Elijah ~ "yeah I like pizza and let me think man why do you...ugh...don't write anymore...chicken"

Tez ~ "I just keep thinking this is really a will! Yeah, I like chicken, pizza, corn and the biscuits and mashed potatoes"

Elijah ~ "ooo I LOVE YOUR mashed potatoes" (My mashed potatoes are the BOMB!)

Isaiah ~ "yes"

25. Am I fun?

Warning: A wrong answer to this question could lead to severe and prolonged periods of boredom and seclusion!

All three ~ "yes"

Since I had so much fun questioning my boys and kids in general crack me up, I have decided to add a Mr. Linky to all of you that participate! I would love to read your answers. So ask away and link up! You can change or add questions if you like because there are no rules or tags!!


  1. Some of their comments are great! I love Tez's answer to #14. He DOES see that you love him. And you're right- I would have been so irritated at Elijah's answer about how you're different. Someone told me the other day that a child's race is determined by the father. Is this a law written somewhere? Can someone tell me? What if my child doesn't have a father listed on a birth certificate? What then? Where can we find this answer????

  2. I'm so glad you put up a Mr Linky! This is the BEST one going around right now! SOOOO fun to do with your child!

    I love all your boys' answers! Very fun to read! I thought poor Isaiah was gonna have a nervous breakdown for a sec! lol!

    Great post and I like the ones you added!

  3. P.S. I added your link on my post to direct ppl to your Linky! Thanks again! It will be so fun to read everyone's!

  4. Oh wow :) that was awesome Angela! I wanna do it tomorrow! And let me just say 'Elijah ~"were both humans"'is the best answer up there! LOL

  5. I did this recently too. Isn't it fun?! I had to laugh with the many, many scrapbook answers. That being said, I adore scrapbooking too!!!!

  6. This was wildly amusing! I just loved it. I think my favorite was the height one! That just gave me the giggles! You so captured the conversation ... I felt like I was there. And your commentary added so much. So what is your favorite food?


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