Saturday, March 14, 2009


6 things you love that are green
  1. Money ~ need more and I would love more ~ donations accepted! Kidding! Wait...maybe not!

  2. Grass ~ I love the look of a well manicured yard. Hubs does the mowing and I do all of the edging because I am very particular about the edge. A good groove along the edge makes a world of difference.

3. My bathroom ~ After moving in and tearing down the hideous wallpaper, I painted the bathroom a deep green. Not a dark green and not sage but in between the two and it is so pretty.

4. Recycling ~ Although it is not the color green but it is "going green" and saving our Earth one plastic bottle, metal can and glass jar at a time. I thought it would be a giant pain in the butt; however, it is easy and everyone can do it! Just try!

5. Hmm....I am at a loss for something else green so hold on while I think....ok veggies. I like green beans and MY green bean casserole. I like broccoli but the mere sight of canned spinach can make me gag! I LOVE pickles. I like cucumbers, zucchini but don't even try to make me eat peas!

6. I LOVE Granny Smith apples! Nothing like 'em! Give me a granny smith apple and some crunchy peanut butter to dip it in and I am in heaven.


  1. I also hate peas, yuck! Canned spinach is so not good, but the frozen stuff is okay, I don't think I've eaten fresh, so wouldn't know about that!

  2. I'll eat your peas lol and I love a pretty lawn too :)

  3. your bath sounds pretty, I hate peas too, love a nicely maintained yard (my neighborhood has a rule that you have to keep it immaculate), are Granny Smith the sour ones?

  4. My husband likes HIS green bean casserole too- you'll have to share and see what's different with how you make it. :)

  5. Green is my FAVORITE color! Fun post!

    You have some really handsome boys! Your 7 yo and my oldest share their name!


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