Friday, March 06, 2009


Time for Friday High Five!
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5. The call from Chai about her showing up naked in the middle of the night due to Ambien must be mentioned again since I laugh each time I even think of it!

4. Shan called to see if I could pick Quin up from school and keep her for the evening while she renewed her CPR certification. My answer, "Well has she pooped lately b/c I don't know if our toilet could handle anymore of HER poop?" Her answer, "Well she dropped a pretty big log yesterday so she should be good!" My response was "was it picture worthy"! Hold on....laughing.....still laughing......just trust me on this one it is a "you have to see it to believe it" moment when this girl poops! Sad though that we have to discuss her bowel movement schedule to decide if she can come play.....still laughing!

3. Talking to Shan again on the phone when she says, "Well I need to get off of here since I have to poop and there will probably be noises involved!" Enough said.....I laughed for quite some time! Can you be too honest? NOT US!

2. Erin, one of the basketball Moms, walks into the game with a new hairdo. She is now platinum blonde with purple underneath and a few purple strips. Sounds crazy but she is so cute that she can totally pull it off! So we all rant and rave over her hair when someone asks "Where did you get your hair done?" Not particularly a funny question but she is funny 24/7! Her answer at first was simply "Deuces". THEN she said you know "poops". Uh....NO! You get your hair done at a place called "poops"? She says, "You know like drop deuces ~ poops?!?" My answer, "I thought that meant twos or guns?!" Everyone is just looking at the two of us since we are laughing uncontrollably. She said, "Oh so that is probably why people look at me weird when I say I get my hair done at deuces ~ you know poops!" The really funny part is although NONE of US had ever heard this term "drop a deuce" I googled it and it in fact means to "pinch a loaf, take a dump or go number 2".......who knew? Not us! As you can see we value our highly stimulating conversations at basketball practices!!!!

This reminds me of a second conversation with Erin at another practice. It was a few days after Martez was diagnosed with diabetes. We were all talking about other people we knew with diabetes and the consequences of ignoring the disease. I mentioned how my childhood friend had lost her father a few years back. He finally passed away after having many fingers amputated, a kidney transplant then had to have both his legs amputated........WHEN.......Erin jumps in with "how much do you think my leg weighs? Hey if they chop one of my legs off I instantly lose 30 lbs...hmm.....I am a pretty good hopper!" Sick and sad esp since I knew the man but if you could have seen her face then showing us her hopping skills, you too would know she is funny!


This was a texting conversation. My friend who is also my amazing hairstylist text me saying I really needed to meet her boyfriend. They had (had being the operative word here) been together for almost a year and I had yet to meet him. I teased her often that he was just imaginary and that she should seek mental help for carrying on the story for this long. She invites us to dinner and I respond with well since he is imaginary how are we going to do that. I also say you can very well bring your blow up doll. One that is sick and two it is highly embarrassing. Her response, "Tried it! It scared the kids and pooped when I....well that part is private!!" Highly confused and grossed out, I laughed it off and made some reference to the term "pinching a loaf" ONLY because I NEVER use that term AND b/c she hates that term to the point of vomiting. Now she was confused because she meant to say "it scared the kids and POPPED!!" and could not figure out what I was talking about! Still cracks me up though! She totally needs spell check on her phone!

Reading this post totally cracked me up and grossed me out once I figured out almost every one of them was about poop! Sorry about that! I guess we are a bunch of "potty mouths"! (I couldn't resist that one!)


  1. happy friday! i've got mine up... i'll check in later to see what everyone else is up to.

  2. awww sick kids are not fun :( Hope he's feeling better Angela ♥ I'm up too :)

  3. Sick kids = no fun for mommy or the kids! Just take your time ... don't feel any pressure! And I remembered this week!

  4. Awe, I hope he is feeling better!

  5. This is a fun idea! I'm glad I stopped by your blog. :)

  6. Hope the kids are feeling better.

  7. LAWD girl!! I am pretty much speechless. Thanks for the laugh!

  8. For some reason this post didn't show up for me until just now. That's what I get for trusting the reader. So here I am and my post is up. Sorry about the missing comment in my post.

  9. I think next weeks friday post should be something like "Why Mikala my oldest niece is my favorite in the family!" I mean you can come up wth your own titile but you get my point! We are in town this weekend, so maybe we will see you!

  10. hahahahaaha you're poop obsessed :o LMAO oh, and I knew what drop deuces meant...I have disturbed friends...:D

  11. I had never heard the Drop Deuces phrase before. I'm gonna see if I can work that into a conversation this week. AND- I totally cannot believe you told me "I'm sure there are going to be nosies involved"!! How on earth am I going to carry on this totally high-class facade I have going??

  12. I had a lot of fun playing along! I had a good laugh reading your post! "Poops" is hilarious :)


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