Monday, March 23, 2009


Today has been quite a windy day here in Oklahoma and it is just getting windier. Today was also our trash pickup day. Needless to say we came home and zigzagged through the array of trash cans roaming the street due to the wind. No biggie since everyone was at work and could not help that their trash cans had blown into the street.
You know what is annoying....
.....what I have been listening to for hours.....
One neighbor who I cannot stand owns a metal trash can.
Who uses metal trash cans anymore?
The Grandmother raising three of her "perfect" Grandchildren. The ones that rush to our house to play the second we pull onto the street. The ones that dash into the middle of the street without a glance. The ones I screamed at three times today to stop throwing objects onto our roof. The ones who if ANYTHING happens to they run to their Grandmother who instantly races to our door to rant and rave about her "perfect" Grandchildren getting hurt. Seriously, I feel it is a major liability issue just having them at our house. In her eyes, there are NO accidents. In her eyes, every time one of "hers" gets hurt it was intentional. I HATE that they constantly want to be here. I feel like I have to watch their EVERY move instead of letting them just be kids. In her eyes, they are never at fault and they never lie. HELLO WAKE UP WOMAN!! They are bragging, mean brats. I am so sick of her it is ridiculous.
So what am I listening to right now?
Her metal trash can clanging all over the street as the wind blows.
Some of you are thinking.."just go pick it up". Hubs picked it up with all of the others when he came home from work. The other neighbors thanked him but not HER! He then took it to her THREE MORE TIMES without even a thank you. Now I would put the trash can in the garage out of common courtesy since it is empty and so windy but not HER!
So what am I thinking right now?
I am thinking of grabbing the trash can at 11pm and slamming it into the front of the house.....maybe she will think the wind did it!! BUT of course, I would probably get another visit to blame it on my sleeping children. UGH....I can NOT stand her!! She thinks every other child on the block is bad except hers. Awfully funny to me that the block NEVER had problems between the children until THEY moved in!
Coincidence ~


  1. I've met these kids. They are beyond irritating. The first time I met them I wanted to tell Elijah to go inside and ignore them. You know what I'd do??? I'd take the trashcan, put it in your truck...and drop it at that little convenient store down the hill....

  2. Girl I would send them home. Ugh it would make me crazy! And as far as her trash can...I'd probably run over it LOL ok, I wouldn't but I would think about it ;)

    ps. I really like the Easter theme ♥


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