Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oklahoma weather is very unpredictable!

We had a couple of weeks with 70s and 80s ~ nice!

We had the hottest St. Patrick's Day in five years!

Then it got chilly.
Then it rained and stormed for days.
Then it rained some more ~ so much so that our front yard was full of small pools of water that could not be absorbed since the ground was already soaked.
The meteorologists were predicting snow for today. Hubs said, "Oh it won't happen!" It is normal for Oklahomans not to always believe their weathermen. Yesterday, it rained ALL DAY LONG!
This morning we wake up to Isaiah jumping on us saying,

He has been waiting for a good snow for quite some time!
He has never built a REAL snowman!
I checked and it was snowing!
March 28th, 2009 and it is snowing in Oklahoma!

Now Oklahoma snowman-making snow is rare. We get snow, lots of sleet and tons of ice every winter but the fluffy wet snowman-making snow is rare especially enough of it! Originally our town was supposed to only get 1-3 inches and the towns north of us would get up to 10inches. By 12:30pm today, we had 6 inches of the GOOD snow in our backyard. The front yard was mainly slush since it was melting into the pools around the yard before it accumulated BUT the backyard was a big field of white.
Now I hate winter!
I hate snow!
I hate cold!
SO the plan was to bundle the boys up then go out and take pictures. This plan failed when I noticed the boys didn't have a clue what to do and that made me sad. When I was little I think we had snow more often since I remember making snowmen but nowadays we mostly get ice. SO I became the "good" Mom and joined in the fun.


Samson loved it and it made me really miss Daisy. She would have LOVED this snow. We had LOTS of snow a couple of years ago in November and she was in love with it.
The odd thing was the thunder. While we were making our snowman, it was thundering and still snowing pretty hard and fast. Don't know if I ever remember thunder during a snowstorm but this is Oklahoma! It is still snowing as I type this and I have serious cabin fever. I feel like going somewhere ~ anywhere but I don't want to get cold and wet so alas I am resorting to playing around on Picnik with my snow pics from this afternoon and blogging. I hate it when the bottom of my jeans get wet ~ weird pet peeve of mine ~ so I am staying in!

I did manage to take pictures here and there but it was hard since the snow was coming down so hard and I didn't want the camera to get too wet. This first one is my favorite!

I really liked this one too!
Every time I turned around the boys were eating snow!
I love this picture because of Zay's tongue! I think he picked up and ate more snow than he actually helped with the snowman. He was more worried about sweeping off his "cars" that he leaves outside and sweeping the porch. At one point he got very excited stating he had found a shovel. I turned to see him packing snow into the dog pooper scooper THEN I made SURE he didn't eat any of THAT snow!
We had to improvise a little. I had carrots for the nose but we couldn't find sticks for arms so he also has carrots for arms. We used quarters for his eyes and pennies for his mouth and buttons. I thought we were done when Zay said, "Momma he has to have a hat!" In the house I went to search for a hat when I found their St. Patrick's Day hats which they thought was hilarious!

Here he is in all of his glory ~ Frosty O' Cullom

Tez informed me this was his first time to ever make a snowman. From the looks of it, I totally believed him. I tried explaining a few things then gave up and just let him have fun doing it his own way.

It was funny when Isaiah said,
"Oh Tez you made a weally big Twismas tree!"
It did look like a tree.....

.....with a carrot on top but he was proud until it fell moments later!

It started to snow harder so we went inside. It is amazing how it takes forever to get them all layered and bundled then mere seconds there are wet clothes scattered everywhere after coming inside.


  1. Those are way too cute! Q keeps asking to go outside and I'm the bad mom. "NO! You didn't take a nap!"

  2. it snowed here today too!!!!!
    your pictures are way to cute!!!!!
    i just love picnik!!!!!!

  3. wow!that is alot of snow! Such cute pics!! New here.. I followed you hear from dani's blog! Nice to meet you!

  4. wow that's crazy girl! I love the pennies idea though :) never thought of that..maybe you could pretend it's December and get another present out of it...haha

  5. awesome pictures!! that's great that they got play in the snow

  6. Super cute! I love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time! How many inches did you end up with? Our grand total was 7 inches. Looks like you got much more!

  7. WOW! I woke up to snow in southern idaho/northern utah. But- I don't think we'll get that much. is sticking...yet again...and I thought Spring had sprung...I guess not, in spite of the first day of Spring, it's still snowing. :) What a fun time outside with your kids, though! Thanks for sharing! You make me smile!

  8. Great photos. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. we went biking today...and almost got caught in a thunderstorm.

  9. I bet my sisters' kids are having a blast in that mess. I am so glad it missed us, we had a light dusting and it is gone now! Those snowmen are cute! Those boys did a great job for Okies!!

  10. Hi. I'm finally getting around to visiting the friends who popped by during the Spring Fling. Thanks for visiting my blog! Cute site - I love your header. Cute snowman.

  11. That's a lot of snow. It's looks like it was a lot of fun. I cannot believe you got so much so late in the season. I'm glad you took advantage of it.

  12. Wish we had snow where we lived! Pictures bring back memories. Aren't you glad you have blog to record all these precious memories? Your boys are adorable!


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