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5 things I learned in Diabetes Education
5. Insulin is not bad. Insulin is Hubs best friend for now.
4. Diabetes is not the end of the world but a learning experience in self-control
and moderation. Counting carbs is not hard even though you wouldn't know that by the zillion questions the others asked. We've become carb counting fools around here!
3. Sugar-free does not mean carb free. In fact, many "sugar-free" products have more carbs since the manufacturers add other stuff for flavor.
2. Sitting in three hour diabetes education classes after working all day is easier said than done and going three times for three hours is even harder.
Never ending thirst and frequent urination are signs of diabetes. There are many others and Hubs had every single sign. When blood sugar is high, the kidneys try to get rid of the extra sugar through the urine. In olden days, they would taste test urine samples. If the urine was sweet, then the patient was said to have diabetes.
This totally ruins my habit of calling people
I literally gagged in class when they told us!
Just for your information I believe ALL new diabetes patients should take Diabetes Education courses if they are available in your area. Highly informative and helpful information.


  1. My hubby has diabetes too so I totally understand your whole list! Happy Friday Angela ♥

  2. OMG!! I think I am going to barf! They seriously used to taste urine?! EWWWW!!!

  3. Interesting about the diabetes. I should really get tested

  4. What a great idea for posting. Thanks!!


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