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5 Reasons you should READ
the papers your child brings home

5. To see if they did anything that you want to keep whether for them or you! There could be some creative masterpiece you want to hold onto until you die at which point they will wonder why you kept that weird art project of a purple turtle in a tree from kindergarten for so long!

4. To keep track of their grades, help them with homework and make sure they are not struggling without your knowledge

3. To make sure they did not get into trouble and are hiding the note at the bottom of the backpack
2. To sign and return necessary forms ~ permission slips, chaperone slips, volunteer slips, progress reports, etc.....

# 1
Because if you don't completely read the form you signed about a parent/teacher conference at 6:30pm on Thursday, then you can look like a complete idiot when you show up WITHOUT your child that you were SUPPOSED to bring with you!! Oops! Conference rescheduled for Friday morning!! I was wondering why she had requested a conference. I totally thought he must be behind in a certain area and I would leave the conference feeling like a bad Mom. Well, I did but for a different reason! You see apparently she requests this last conference every year so the students can show their parents around four seperate stations to show them new things they have learned this year! Oops! I TOTALLY missed that part on the form!! I thought parent/teacher conferences were merely for parents and teachers and this is where actually READING the form I signed would have come in really handy. Elijah telling me he was supposed to go to show me these stations they had practiced ALL WEEK would have been extremely nice before I left in a rush this evening instead of before bed tonight. UGH! READ WHAT YOU SIGN!

Note to self: Do not lie and say he must not have received that note because she will come back with "you signed it!" OUCH!

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  1. LOL It wasn't me O.o haha that was cute. I'm sorry you have to make a second trip. I signed a paper once saying I would bring the snacks for a party. Didn't read it. Didn't bring anything. Had to rush to Walmart and buy a bunch of overpriced already made things instead of the something awesome my daughter promised everyone. Ugh. Like you, I would have appreciated a hey, mom, you have to bring something but nooooo that would be waaay too much trouble! :D

  2. Don't you think they design the forms to be that way. "Here, sign this. No don't read that other side."

  3. LOL - that's embarrassing! did you tell your kiddo that you goofed up? Too funny. This is such a fun carnival. I need to get in on it but I work on Fridays at an office that blocks blogger - grrr....! Next Thursday I'll try to remember to do this early!

  4. That was too funny ... for me to read, not for you. I'm sure that will be me in just a few years though -- even with your warning!

  5. OH no! I will definitely try to remember this one for the future! I hope the parent/teacher/STUDENT conference goes well!

  6. I'm always loaded with papers from school. I need to get organized big time! It's tough keeping track of everything! As I tell my oldest son, even moms screw up some time. So please give me a break :) Enjoyed reading your post. It was fun playing this game too!

  7. LOL!
    I love it :)

    It can be totally overwhelming, the amount of paper that comes home! I will ALWAYS try to read everything now- both sides! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Bring you kids, don't bring your kids, sign and return, keep for the future, secretly throw's all so confusing. I'm pretty sure our school kills a forest a month with all the crap...I mean stuff they send home


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