Thursday, March 12, 2009


I think maybe just maybe he has been watching too much America's Next Top Model!!
He is seriously striking a pose and I could not get him to just stand still!
Don't be too jealous of his choice of outfit!
Apparently the "Lightning Matween swippers" have magical powers since he claims they make him faster plus now when he wears them he cannot move silently (well he never could anyway) but now he tears around the house making engine, car, brakes squealing and horn honkin' noises!
Not not at all!
He put it together all by himself ~ talent, I know.
If you are a reader, you know he has a love for eyewear and these are his most recent find.

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  1. love the combo! boys just have to be silly when someone gets the camera out.

  2. I think my boys went to the same fashion school. I seriously die over outfits like this that they just adore. :)

  3. He looks so 'cool' and comfy! Love the shades!

  4. aww how cute! The car slippers just make the whole outfit I think!! :D

  5. He is so cute it is ridiculous : ). I need some of those Lightning McQueen swippers. I definitely need to move faster!

  6. I think America's Top Model - Project Runway - he's got it "goin' on!"


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