Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The 2nd week in March is National Bubble Week.

I am going to host a Bubble Photo Contest.

What do I love more than bubbles?

Pictures of children and bubbles

I ♥ them!!

Blowing bubbles

Playing in the bubble bath

Drool bubbles

Blowing bubbles with bubble gum

Kids with bubbles make cute pics


Dig out your bubble pics then come back on Sunday to join in the fun and sign Mr. Linky

You will have from midnight Sunday March 8 until Saturday March 14th at 11:00pm to be entered into the contest

Details and prize announcements will be released sometime Saturday!!

This will be very easy and no limits to how many bubble posts you can do so do one for each day of the week and you do NOT have to be a professional photographer ~ I am looking for cuteness and fun not technically superb!


  1. Well now I have to go I'll be back (you have to say that like Arnold ya know ;) I'm in an odd mood today hahaha)

  2. To your comment about the fabric in my dining room, that is the toile that the chairs and curtains were covered in when we moved in. It has roosters on it and so does my kitchen wallpaper. My sisters love to comment on my cocks.

  3. Are you still doing Friday High Five this week? Hugs, Jen

  4. Ok, I could only find pictures of my animal babies with bubbles LOL I posted it HERE if you wanna read it ;) MWA! ♥


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