Tuesday, March 10, 2009


March 10th is Middle Name Pride Day
My middle name is Jean. I really don't like that name but that is hard for me to tell my mother since it IS HER NAME. It was also my Grandmother's middle name. The middle names of my siblings are all family names. My oldest brother after my paternal Grandfather James. My next brother named after my Father ~ he is a junior. My sister after my maternal Grandfather Joe. Then mine after my Mom.
I've always thought middle names should be meaningful and family names but that's just me. Elijah's middle name is James after my paternal Grandfather. We miss you and love you Grandpa! I am so glad Elijah knew him before he passed away and he is very proud of his name even telling people why he was given the name. We had Elijah's name decided early on in the pregnancy. Isaiah's middle name is Ray or "Way" to hear him say it. This is after Martez's Grandfather well actually he is not his biological Grandfather but the only man that acted like a Grandfather and still does to this day. He treats our boys better than their biological paternal Grandparents so we love and appreciate him for that and wanted to make that fact known by giving Isaiah his name. Isaiah's name was a fiasco. He was not named until they came in on the day we were to leave saying, "You have to name him today!!" It isn't that we couldn't agree on a name but we just couldn't decide and everyone had their little opinions. Dad really wanted a Grandchild named after him and I just couldn't see naming a baby Gary. I don't know if I have ever known a little boy named Gary so it just seemed so weird. I offered the name Garrett and he said now that isn't Gary and I said well sorry! I thought about using my maiden name which is a boy name but it sounded weird with our last name. I liked Roman but everyone else hated it and I didn't know if I wanted to hear their crap for the rest of my life. I also liked Jaxon (Jackson) but it is so popular and I like for my names to be somewhat unique or at least not have ten of them in their classes. We finally went with Isaiah but couldn't decide about a middle name when low and behold Grandpa Ray called and there it was on the phone "Ray"!
Is your middle name a family name?
How did you pick your child's middle name?
What does it mean and why did you choose it?


  1. The oldest daughter in our family has the middle name Marie so my grandma, my mom, me and my oldest daughter are all Marie's :D My other daughter's middle name is Anne. I've just always loved that name and I thought it sounded nice with Melanie :) My son's middle name is his father's first name and that's a tradition too. My ex-husband's middle name was his father's first name etc etc :) and I don't think Jean is a bad name. One of my bestest friends is named Jean n she's my Jeannie Beanie Baby :p LOL I'm just weird

  2. My middle name is Renee, i don't think it comes from anyone in my family but my first name came from my Great grandmother. My oldest daughters middle name is Dawn, after her dads grandfather, my youngests first name is after my great grandma and her middle name is after her dads grandma. I think for the most part everyone in my family has either a 1st or middle name that is carried on from somewhere down the line.

  3. My daughter is Katherine Elizabeth. Eliz is a family name - it skips between middle and first name every other generation.
    My son is Jackson Daniel Steele. Jackson was my deceased brother's name, and he was named in 1970 BEFORE it was so popular! It was totally unique back then. Daniel is his first middle name, which is my husband's name. And Steele is my maiden name.
    Thanks for asking! :)

  4. Happy Middle Names Day!

    My middle name is Renee...(straight from the 70's!) My daughter has two middle names..Renee Grace (we couldn't decide so just kept them both!)

    My husband goes by his middle name with family but uses his first name with friends!

  5. My middle name is Diane after my mother. My oldest is Chandler because we couldn't decide if we wanted it for his first or middle so we drew straws and got middle. My youngest is Alexander because I just liked it.

  6. I can't believe there is a real day for this ... or did you make it up???

    My middle name is Anne -- after my grandmother. When I got confirmed (Catholic), I got to pick another middle name and tried to go for something with more pep but my mom nixed my choices -- Felicity or Prudence. I got stuck with Marie -- nice name but I wanted something different.


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