Friday, March 27, 2009


Again I took a gander over at Holiday Insights for more March Unique and Bizarre Holidays to find out today is National "Joe" Day. Now according to them, it is for people to go by the name "Joe" for a day. Why? I haven't a clue! So instead of going with that.......I am going to talk about a "cup of joe". Coffee ~ you either love it or hate it! I do not like coffee! I do not drink coffee! I don't like the smell of coffee but I KNOW MANY of YOU DO! The closest I have ever got to a "coffee" drink is a Mocha Madness of Java Daves. Since it is mostly milk with chocolate syrup topped with whip cream and chocolate shavings I am not even sure if that counts!!

since many of you are coffee addicts I am going to refer you to Curt and Karen over at Leisure Coffee. Leisure Coffee lets you have the best cup of coffee delivered right to your door! They have many flavors of coffee, decaf and regular or espresso and they also sell tea. You will save time and money now that you can enjoy a great cup of fresh roasted coffee in your home at your leisure without having to go to the local coffee shop. Imagine all the money you will save NOT running to starbucks plus all those paper cups hurting our environment! They are trustworthy, loving, and honest ~ I KNOW this since "they" are my brother and sister-in-law! So hop on over and try it......come on you know you want to!


  1. Love love love love love love love coffee. Any kind. Love the smell, taste and how it wakes me up enough to yell at my kids to hurry up in the morning. I have a sign at work that says "I drink coffee for your protection"

  2. whata ya know joe? LOL I love, love, love, love, love coffee! I'm a regular cup o' joe kind of girl though. just coffee n a lil sugar. I'll definitely check out your brother in sister-in-law though. Delivered coffee would make a great gift!


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