Friday, January 23, 2009


This boy has a LOVE for eyewear.......ANY EYEWEAR and he is HERE today to strut his stuff!

Our little model can be seen here wearing his older brother's highly-fashionable, neon-flashing, Ninja Turtle-talking glasses at the age of 18 months! Yes he started early folks our little fashioniste (I know it is supposed to be fashionista but I think his Daddy might hurt someone for calling his baby boy a fashionista ~ so bear with me!)

At almost two he revealed his own fashion statement by wearing these very in style glasses upside down!!

Yes baby we see you! Seen here with his highly fashionable, green and yellow Sesame Street binoculars, our boy is too cute out on his first one-on-one date with his love Q! He took her to eat at Zio's not at all decided by their Mothers then out to see Sesame Street Live. The first MANY attempts by the two of them to use the binoculars and actually share the binoculars were unsuccessful since they both had them turned the wrong way!
One of my favorites! Our model is now wearing oversized swim goggles! Hey supermodels and celebrities are seen the world over wearing those HUGE sunglasses that take up half of their face so he is just jumping on the fashion bandwagon. This was taken this past summer while at our friend's birthday party ~ the same swim party where she told the boys just to pee in the bushes so they wouldn't track water through the house. Bad mistake! Huge! Isaiah loved this theory and proceeded to pee in the bushes about every 5 minutes! Trust me ~ I took plenty of those pictures especially when he couldn't pull up his wet swim trunks and would waddle over with them around his ankles to a crowd of people just so I pull them up! Being the nice Mommy, I pulled them up each time........after I put the camera down and quit laughing!!

Just weeks ago for Christmas Isaiah got his very own talking, noise making and too big for his head racing helmet! Now he doesn't have to make ALL of his own sound effects while running through the house driving his imaginary race car!

Our little GQ boy may appear happy in his superstar glasses; however, at 7:10am this morning it was quite another story as he couldn't find his "star swungwasses" anywhere. You can see why he was so upset b/c he looks too darn cute in them!

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  1. I LOVED every single one of these pics! Way too stinkin' cute!


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