Friday, January 23, 2009


Here in Oklahoma good, fluffy, build-a-snowman snow is hard to come by in large quantities. We get flurries and the occasional inch or two but mostly our wintry weather here is ICE!! Our last BIG memorable snow was the end of November 2006. We had almost a foot at our house!

Isaiah was just 19 months old and he was okay with it until the moment he fell and got it on his hands. The boy literally swore off anything to do outdoors including walking. It took almost a full two weeks for every tiny bit to disappear and he didn't not walk on solid ground outdoors for those full two weeks until every last flake was gone!! Now at age 3 he wants to build a snowman so bad but he hasn't had enough snow!!

Elijah on the other hand was almost 5 and loving every minute of it!!

He's s"NO"w angel!!

Then of course there was Daisy who was still alive at the time and loved for us to throw snowballs for her to catch mid-air and eat!

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  1. So glad you joined us this Friday. It is always nice to meet other Okie bloggin' mamas : )

    Your photos are great and how cute that your youngest wouldn't go out again until it was all gone.

    Hope we'll see you again next week : )


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