Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This morning like always it was a mad dash to the car to pick up Avani AND get Tez to school on time.
Imagine that!
It was much easier in the mornings before Isaiah had his tonsils out. Sure he never really got 'GOOD, DEEP' sleep and he couldn't breath and he snored and........well you get the point BUT he would be awake every morning ready to greet the day.
NOW not so much!
He is healthy, not snoring and sleeping I mean REALLY sleeping.
Sometimes I have to make sure he is still breathing because I can't hear him!
Sad but true!
Now that he is really sleeping he is a booger to get up in the mornings and getting as bad as Elijah.
Yes....hush.....I know....I am the one that told you guys remember......Elijah is just like me. He can stay up for forever and hates to wakeup or should I say he hates to be woken up. If he wakes up on his own, then he is fine. Ok so I hate to be woken up by anyone BUT I do not cry, yell, flip out, scream....that is just plain ridiculous and now I am getting two of them like that....ugh!
Wow I got derailed on this post! Anyway mad dash out the door......
...boys running carrying backpacks, lunch pails with their coats barely hangin' on....
...then it happens!
Like always!
It freaking drives me up a wall........
......Elijah and Isaiah are speed walking down the sidewalk when Isaiah attempts *with racing announcer voices and full blown car noises* to pass Elijah and slams into him.....
...Where does he get this?
The movie CARS!
It drives me insane.
He does it to everyone. Just cuts you off, trips you, makes you fall and just plum makes me want to.......
...Leave that portion out to avoid DHS! lol
So anyway he keeps getting in trouble for this and I am at my wits end. Isaiah was unable to pass Elijah because Elijah slammed right back into him. Go Elijah! Now it sounds rough but Isaiah is a rough and tough kid and he did not fall but he started to scream. My you deserve it attitude loving motherly voice said, "Your all right get in the car please!" while I was thinking "it's about time someone did it to you! How do you like that!?" He is holding himself and crying not like he is hurt physically but like his little world had crashed down upon him. I am thinking "ok I really don't have time for this right now - why can't they just walk to the car and not touch each other" but I say, "Did you get hurt?"
His answer as tears just stream down his face, "Yes! I need to go to the doctor."
A little concerned, "Why where are you hurt?"
Isaiah still crying and obviously VERY upset says,
"E-yi-ya (his version of Elijah) bwoke my heart!" sweet!
Yes it was cute but we all had to laugh and get buckled into the car!


  1. O.M.G. be 'BWOKE my heart' to stinkin adorable for words! They are so gorgeous!

  2. Just makes ya wonder if they know how cute they are, huh?


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