Sunday, January 04, 2009


My friend asked tonight, "What did you do this weekend?"

I think the question should have been "What DIDN'T I do this weekend?"

Anyway here was my answer,

"Let's see I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms including toilets and showers (my "boy" tends to leave that out), cleaned the windows, cleaned/revamped the boys' closet, blogged about their amazingly organized closet, cleaned my closet, blogged about Hub's shoes, washed all shower curtains and bathroom rugs, went to see the Harlem Globetrotters with Hubs and my parents, launched my first blog giveaway (launched like it is a new business hehe), put Isaiah in time out, redecorated the boys' bathroom, found new shower curtain I bought months ago for my bathroom so I washed and hung it also, mopped boys bathroom ~ really mopped on hands and knees (If you know how to get rid of the boys urine smell in their bathroom let me know!), cleaned the carpet in our bathroom/our bedroom/Tez's room, took down the Christmas tree, put Isaiah in time out again, put away all Christmas decor, put Isaiah in time out again, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the refrigerator, two loads of dishes in the dishwasher, washed ALL sheets and comforters then remade the beds, cleaned Lucy's cage, got rid of a ton of crap, washed blankets in linen closet, vacuumed again and put Isaiah in time out yet again, cleaned off computer desk and used the can air to clean the computer (that stuff is so fun!), then of course I had to read some blogs, cleaned the oven (I NEVER do that!), cleaned the microwave, cleaned the washer and dryer (inside and out!), cleaned under all beds (amazing what you can find!), finished the hooks for the boys' towels and hung them up (which also means I had to charge the drill!), scrubbed the dog feeders (dried drool is disgusting!), mopped the floors (quite a feat since our entire house with the exception of the bedrooms is wood floors!! It kills my back), laid out clothes for boys' to wear tomorrow, read 20 books for Elijah's book it program b/c of course I put it off until the VERY last second of his two week break, couple trips to Wally World AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I literally did (washed/dried/folded/put away) about a KAZILLION loads of laundry in between each and every chore.....wait in between I did manage to feed the kids....I think!!!!" (All of this in 2 days! I told you guys I was seriously sick of my house being a pig sty and I was going to take back control!)

Her reply, "Did you clear ALL the scrapbook stuff off of your kitchen table?"

Well....."NO".....but all I have left is.......clear off the kitchen table, sort through the old "laundry" room area, sort through the pile in the corner of my room (papers to file) then in time I need to repaint the entry way, repaint the hallway, finish painting the baseboards white, paint the main bathroom cabinet white and repaint the bathroom, paint my kitchen cabinets white, put recessed lighting in the kitchen and paint ceiling, change out the fan in the dining room, call the guttering guy, clean out the garage completely, call the pest control guy since he is late and I will flip if I see a giant spider, fix my bedroom fan....I could go on forever. Is it ever truly done? But at least now it is clean so as long as I keep up with the cleaning I can tackle the other "jobs" over time! Wish me luck! Hey and now I won't be embarrassed to have company or drop by visitors!

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