Saturday, January 17, 2009


Music to my ears....hmmm....not so much. Some people hear voices but I keep hearing music. Don't know why or from where but I keep hearing music.
I thought maybe a TV was left on....NO.
I thought maybe a radio was on.....NO.
I thought maybe the volume on the computer speakers was on low and I was hearing music from someone's blog I had minimized.....NO.
Definitely not the Hubs because his snoring is definitely NOT music to my ears. I thought maybe I was hearing the dryer's loud annoying beep for me to empty it.....NO.
Maybe Elijah is just talking in his sleep.....NO.....probably later though.
I thought maybe the neighbors were having a siesta then realized I probably meant fiesta but was still unsure so I went outside to check.....NO.
HEY I took French, remember...I don't know Spanish....only words closely related to French, counting to 10 or words otherwise learned from Dora the Explorer! Highly educational!! But why is the little girl wandering around town alone getting lost anyway and why in the world does she have a pet monkey. One of those "things that make you hmm..." ...are you humming or singing!
I don't know WHERE in the world I am hearing it from but I keep just randomly hearing music.
Faint music.
It is taunting me and I can't sleep!

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