Thursday, January 08, 2009


This week I decided to do two of the options for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop Wednesday!
The second one I chose was #2 ~ Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

Scared to see what people really think and wondering if they will be completely honest! Let's see 1st I will give you the 6 words I would use to describe myself: generous, amazing, intelligent, hilarious, sarcastic and amazing and yes I know I said amazing twice!!! So now let's see what the others had to say.....dodododo.......

First I call Chaitra who says, "Why? Is this for some kind of application for something?"

Me ~ "No it is for my blog and be completely honest!"

Chai ~ "Ok me think....umm....hold on, what is this for again!"

Me ~ "Ok you shouldn't need to think this long! It is for my blog! It's not like you are at number 5! You've only listed one!" (realizing I have now ruled out patient!)

Chai ~ "Sincere, HILARIOUS (see!), nurturing....."

Me ~ "Awww you are doing pretty good keep going and remember to be honest!"

Chai ~ " honest huh?!? Well you are nurturing towards all children but not so much with me!"

Me ~ "Shut up! I am nurturing! You are just easy to make fun of because I know too much about you! If you need nurturing, you are going to have to call your mom! Keep going!"

Chai ~ Laughing "See that wasn't nurturing AT ALL! Ok you are definitely bullheaded!"

Me ~ "Mmm...hmm..."

Chai ~ "Let's see I need one more.....hmmm.....friendly? I don't know!?"

Me ~ "I don't know as if I would call myself friendly. Do you have another one?"

Chai ~ "Ok maybe you aren't really friendly."
Me ~ "WHAT! I was joking!"
Chai ~ "Well you ARE friendly to people you know! Ok I'll say beautiful!"

Me ~ "That one is great and generic! Ok thanks!"

So Chai said dependable, sincere, hilarious, nurturing, bullheaded, friendly and beautiful!

So I call my mother! Now first of all my Mother loves me unconditionally and won't say anything bad about me TO me so this was more of an ego-booster for me rather than a quest for honest answers although it is honestly how she feels about me

My Mom ~ "Let me are loving and caring. I think you are absolutely beautiful! How many is that?"

Me ~ "That's just three Mom. You are halfway there!"

My Mom ~ "Just have charisma. You are so so funny! (ding ding)....and um motherly."

Me ~ "Ok thanks Mom good thing you aren't biased at all! Love you!"

My unbiased Mother thinks I am loving, caring, beautiful, charismatic, funny and motherly! Good going Mom!

Still wanting someone who will be honest I call my friend Shandolynne

Me ~ "I need six words you would use to describe me"

Shan ~ "Let me think.....................(Quin doing something in the back)..just a minute six words ok.......

Me ~ "You shouldn't have to think that long!"

Shan ~ ", intelligent (ding ding!), loving, nurturing (gee I got that one twice I must be really nurturing!), .............oh you are creative (Good one Shan!), and let's see supportive and it wouldn't have taken me so long if I wasn't concentrating so hard on something before you called!"

Good job Shandolynne! You are right I am fun, intelligent, loving, nurturing (except to Chai), creative and supportive!!

I think all in all everyone was a little mushy mushy and didn't want to say anything bad about me but hey I AM A OK WITH THAT!
There you have it folks I am:

dependable, sincere, hilarious, nurturing (except to Chai who needs to call her mom), bullheaded, friendly, beautiful, loving, caring, charismatic, funny, motherly, fun, intelligent, creative and supportive. I am not at all in the least ~ impatient, bossy, straight forward, demanding and I never ever procrastinate!!!


  1. I love this! You've got some pretty great friends too.

  2. Wow... I like you already and I don't even know you!!!

    BTW... yes... I did all the pics on my blog on Scrapblog.... it is amazing there.

  3. Do we have the same friends...and the same mom? I got ( by being pushy and demanding) a lot of the same words.
    Thanks for visiting me today. Come back again soon.

  4. That's a good list. I asked my sister and she wasn't quite as nice. Haha. Not too bad though.

  5. You're hilarious! What wonderful descriptive words though, huh?!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Ok I want to give you six words...I will be truly honest...loud, crazy, nuturing (you a great role model when it comes to being a mom), thoughtful, (the only aunt who called me while I was in school!) unique, and independent. Love ya

  7. You are so brave. i was afraid to ask.

  8. Good words! Even if you aren't so nurturing to Chai. Or friendly, I guess. But, the other words, they're good.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment when you stopped by my blog. And, your boys are GORGEOUS!!


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