Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Attention: WW readers several pics and definitely WORD FULL but good!

Sunday evening Chai went with me to Wally World on a little grocery run only to discovery they were out of almost everything either of us needed. It was ridiculous how bare the shelves were. I wondered if yet again I had made it there on the 1st when the state issues food stamps but alas I had not. We noticed at the front of the store that they had ice melt, shovels and ice scrapers and immediately said to each other is this storm supposed to be worse than we originally heard or is everyone panicked the ice storm from 13 months ago is again headed our way.

It brought up so many memories.

You can't begin to imagine how wierd it is to be in your town with no power.

Not just a block or two but the whole town.

Wally World ~ closed!

Quik Trip ~ closed!

Gas stations ~ closed!
Target ~ closed!

Grocery stores ~ closed!

Banks ~ closed!

No stop lights, no street lights and no where to buy the necessities!

Then when Wally World finally opened they had nothing! NO candles! No gas heaters! Not much food! ALL stores had to discard refrigerated/freezer items which meant NO milk, couldn't even buy hot dogs for petes was I supposed to feed the boys....LOL.....OK seriously!

The storm severity was completely unexpected!

YES we knew we were getting ice but not enough ice to SNAP power poles!!

We were out of firewood and you just don't realize how cold the house can get without any heat source except body heat...ooh lala...~ well at least we didn't! ALL the stores had hundreds of people waiting to buy generators before they could make it off the trucks!

Yes it was nice to finally get firewood, snuggle on the couch with the boys to do puzzles, play board games and read books by candlelight


I am not a non-electricity living girl!

I couldn't even go to work to escape because there was no electricity which also meant NO income!!

No school to send the kids to and even after the schools had power they couldn't have school because they had to clean the kitchen from the melted frozen foods and totally restock their kitchens.

It was unreal the damage done to Oklahoma and the other parts of the midwest struck by the storm. Ancient trees split in half and reduced to nothing by the shear weight of ice ~ I never imagined the damage ice could do! The storm debris pickup from the Dec 2007 storm did not get finished until June 2008....maybe it was July.....anyway THAT gives you some idea of how many trees GREEN COUNTRY lost!!

WHY can't we just get some snow?

I am so sick of ICE here everytime we get wintery weather!!

Some people were without electricity for over a month and crews came from all over the US to help restore power to our communities.


I totally appreciate street lights and stop lights because I quickly learned there are hundreds of people out there that have NO CLUE what to do at a four way stop!!

SO NEEDLESS TO SAY I don't think we were the only ones freaking out because the store was empty on the grocery side.
Fast forward 13 months to NOW.....

YES we are having a bad ice storm, yes the kids will be out of school for the second day today and yes many things have been closing in fact I had to go to 3 gas stations this morning before I found one with gas BUT we still have power because I am posting this!!!
I have to admit I panicked at the mere thought of not getting to be on blogger for a few days!!!
Sad but very very true! Here are a few pictures from our Dec 2007 Ice Storm:

This is the view from the street looking into our yard! Our house was completely hidden!

I thought I might cry at the thought of losing our Magnolia tree in the front yard especially since it is the only tree on our property that I even like!

Isaiah's car was covered in "stuck" water as the boys put it!!
How about that chair.....obviously we were using it as lawn furniture at the time! LOLOLOLOLHow cool is it that our basketball goal froze in the "swoosh" position!!

What can I say we've got it like that and the net is so used to that position from all MY swoosing!! Stop laughing I am so serious!!

Look how thick the ice is on the little berry lookin' things!

I didn't want to say they are berries then get comments telling me how stupid I am because I really don't know what in the world they are, I just love the picture!

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  1. Oh. My God! Angie and I live in warm country.
    I had NO IDEA that could even happen! No idea!!!
    It's gorgeous... but oh my God... so dangerous!

    I never knew. Holy cow.

    I hope you are all able to stay warm, eat, and get your electricity back. I can send you blankets if you need them!

    Holy cow...

  2. Your photos, tho 'danged cold' are awesome. I love, LOVE the basketball net photo.

    Happy Wordful Wednesday. My entry today is one part cats, and other goodie tidbits from an alphabet challenge. Won't you stop by and say hi?

  3. It's amazing how beauiful the ice looks but how terrible ice storms are. We had them often in MA and I was always so afraid to go out. I'm so glad you have power this time!

  4. Those are some awesome pictures. Wow, the ice was just thick on everything! I can't believe you had power through that.

  5. Oh my gosh..that is just crazy!!!!!! Great pictures though!

  6. OMG! I can't even imagine.. We have never had anything like that here.. guess I need to stop complaining about alittle snow huh?

    Cute kids, BTW.

  7. WOW - great shots - my brother works for the local power company and was sent down south to help out all the thousands without power!


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