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This is another one of my favorite pictures of Elijah. It was taken back in Aug. 2006 in Branson! He looks like such a baby here at the age of 4 1/2. Wow I know I've said it before but time just flies! I know you guys have heard it a million times over but where did the time go because I remember EACH AND EVERY moment of this day 7 yrs. ago like it was yesterday!! Every year I have a hard time around his birthday and I cry every year. I assumed this tradition would subside as he got older but I think it is just getting worse! It seems with each passing year he is closer to not being Mommy's little boy. I just want to bottle him up, let him out on occasion and keep him just the way he is! a couple of weeks ago Elijah said he knew where he wanted to have his birthday party ~ my parents' front yard! Huh....hello it is January!
He said, "I REALLY REALLY WANT it to SNOW on my birthday! All I want for my birthday Momma is a GIANT snowball fight with my ENTIRE family!"

I said, "Well I can't really MAKE THAT happen but we'll see. It would probably just be ice though baby like your last two birthdays!"

He appears saddened then says, "I am going to wish for it really hard and ask God because HE can make it snow whenever he wants!"

Fast forward to one week later.....

Elijah who was supposed to be in bed comes out at 10:15pm imagine that to get a drink like always because he is OH SO THIRSTY excuses, excuses when he hears the weatherman forecasting flurries and below freezing temps for the 15th.

He begins to dance around singing "I'm getting snow for my birthday! I'm getting snow for my birthday!" Knowing the probability of the weatherman's error and the likelihood of the storm passing early or late I just said, "we'll just have to see!"
Fast forward to one week later.....this morning.....January 15th, 2009.....
I go in to wake Elijah up to get ready for school and low and behold the boy is awake! I instantly think WOW I need to write this down start singing Happy Birthday, take his picture, then lavish him with hugs and kisses when Samson joined in and totally ruined the moment. UGH! I hate dogs that lick! I lay out his clothes then go about the morning, here a picture, there a picture, open ONE gift the morning of their birthday (the rest have to wait until Daddy is home or the party), then go start the car......

........I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES........



It was such a sight to see and I DIDN'T HAVE MY CAMERA. It looked like something out of a Christmas movie HOWEVER in the movie it is snowing pretty heavily versus our minute flurries that fell this morning. I couldn't help myself as we left for school just driving, thinking and listening to Elijah tell Daddy on the phone that he is still 6 and won't be 7 until 6:50 tonight AND the tears just started flowing.

WHEN did all of this happen?

WHERE did the time go?
Is he still MY boy or did the athletic side of him start to making him closer to his daddy?

It is flying by and I am going to MISS something or forget so many of my favorite moments. PLUS I was just so happy he got snow, no matter how little because THAT was the ONE thing I couldn't get him short of calling the Fun Valley crew to bring me a snow making machine!
So much has happened this year let's see......
We went to Atlanta with many crazy stops along the way! We went to the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. Elijah was so excited to see the "King's" memorial. Elijah was born on Martin Luther King's Birthday ~ Jan. 15th ~ and he thinks it is so cool that he shares his birthday with a "king"!
(Note to self: Quit trying to explain to him that MLK isn't an actual King ~ he'll understand one day! Most people do not understand that MLK's bday is the 15th and MLK Day is celebrated the third Monday of January so you will always be explaining this fact! The National Civil Rights Museum is not fun for a three year old! Do not leave car running unattended with children in it and crackheads surrounding it! Do not stop in North Little Rock and Memphis is a dirty town! Remember all of this when planning the next trip to Atlanta!)
Elijah played another season of Upwards Basketball
(Note to self: Next time get on a team where the coach will actually SHOW UP for more than two games!)

Elijah played another season of Upwards Soccer

(Note to self: Do not wear high heels to optional soccer clinics that require PARENT PARTICIPATION or ask that next time they inform you prior to the clinic that you will be running and kicking!)
He learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels!
(Note to self: Ask neighbors to move all cars parked along the street before teaching Isaiah this skill! Children will ride directly into parked cars when they don't understand the brakes and are scared to turn!)

Elijah finished kindergarten.

(Note to self: Doing scrapbook of his class for the teacher was greatly appreciated but hard work. Remember this later! Start at the beginning of the year....oops)

I chaperoned the Kindergarten Zoo field trip.

(Note to self: reread Zoo post BEFORE Isaiah starts kindergarten!)

We took a small road trip to OKC ~ saw the Capitol, went to the Omniplex and the OKC Zoo.

Elijah took 2 levels of swimming lessons.

(Note to self: the sight of your son almost drowning is absolutely terrifying!)

He only had croup three times this year and they were uneventful!! Woohoo for finally outgrowing croup.

(Note to self: do not continue to talk about croup or both of the boys will be struck with it at 2am tomorrow!)

Elijah started to take showers instead of baths.
(Note to self: this definitely made bath time easier so just get over it when Isaiah no longer wants to take a bubble bath ~ just shut up and take your own bubble bath)
Elijah got "protected" aka drafted after only one drill at the football combine
(Note to self: it is still OK to believe he got his running skills from his momma!!!)
We took two trips to Branson. We ALL love Branson especially Elijah!
(Note to self: Do NOT recommend visiting the fish hatchery to anyone with an easily triggered gag reflex like yourself! Fish hatcheries are educational but stinky! Sometimes things are FREE for a reason!)
Elijah started 1st grade
(Note to self: NO you are NOT old! People just call you ma'am to be polite I guess!)
Elijah started tackle football this year and I couldn't possibly have imagined all that him and his team would do. HE MADE ME SO PROUD! I never knew just how determined, athletic, rough, tough, fast, dependable, I could go on forever........he could be! His team won the Conference Championship and got trophies half their size!
(Note to self: THAT know the one that sounds like bones just helmets and pads hitting together but as a MOTHER you will probably still cringe each and every time you hear it!)
He started his first year of city Basketball
(Note to self: We got suckered into starting a new team and coaching! Learn how to say No! This could be interesting!)
Elijah remained his sweet, loving, intelligent, funny, caring, generous, determined, eager and spunky self and I love him more and more with each day! I wonder if HE will ever truly understand how much I love him, how proud I am of him and how much he has changed MY life! His random acts of kindness and his smile just warm my heart. The sound of him REALLY laughing makes me smile even if he is in another room. Watching him with his little brother and listening to their late night bedtime conversations is something I want to remember before all I hear is fighting! His charity and concern for others even those he does not know makes me proud and think perhaps I am doing something right! People tell me I am lucky to have two well-behaved, good-looking boys and I always think ~ if they only knew ~ talking about the well-behaved portion of the comment BUT I am lucky! I am so lucky, blessed, proud, happy and honored to be the Mother of my boys and no matter what age they are
(Note to self: Yes they will always be your babies but do not alienate their spouse once they are married and do NOT under any circumstances act like the Mom's off the reality show Momma's Boys!)

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