Saturday, January 17, 2009


Remember this post ~ Do you see what I see?

I will wait as you go catch up!!

This is the answer:

A football ornament Elijah got at his football party

A lovely, very shiny ornament Elijah made at school

And an ornament Isaiah made at school
Why is this an issue?
Our Christmas is decorated late into a December night each year by MOI!!
I believe my tree to be very pretty and I am anal about proper placement, symmetry and equal amounts of the colors. I love my decorated Christmas tree and handmade ornaments do not make it onto the tree. SAD I KNOW! Believe me my Mom hassles me about EACH AND EVERY YEAR!! I just can't handle the randomness of them. They DON'T match and there is only ever ONE of them. I DON'T do random when it comes to my tree. I DON'T do onsies. You can't have symmetry with just one of any ornament ~ NOT possible! This year Isaiah was insistent about an ornament he had made and a couple of his "beautiful" ornaments made to the right side of the tree facing the wall. He said, "Oh Momma they look weally pwetty there, huh?!?" My instant reply, "Oh yes that is the perfect spot for such beautiful ornaments!" His satisfaction was entirely too easy and satisfying for me since you couldn't tell they were even there. I know, I know stop with the mother of the year rantings yet again. I just NEED symmetry ~ work with me here. Elijah comes along with the football and places it just to the right of the CENTER of the tree. I couldn't move it so I wouldn't hurt his feelings BUT IT ALMOST KILLED ME EVERY TIME I LOOKED AT MY BEAUTIFUL TREE ALL I WOULD SEE IS THE BIG FOOTBALL. Seriously guys work with me you know FOOTBALLS don't go in the center of the tree. Then came the handcrafted, shiny ornament he made at school which he also placed in the center of the tree and a gingerbread ornament he made a few years back. You guys have no clue how hard it was for me to leave them in the spots Elijah placed them. REALLY HARD! Again there was a FOOTBALL IN THE CENTER OF MY PRETTY TREE. Luckily the dogs removed the gingerbread which was actually the cutest of them all and they ate it ~ hey I can't really say I felt too bad about that! I feel AWFUL for this since so many Moms decorate their tree with special ornaments the children make or receive each year but I just can't help it THEY DRIVE ME NUTS! I've decided as soon as we get a bigger house we will have two trees ~ my pretty tree and the random kid made ornament tree; however, I can't say that until then I won't try my hardest to not let the children see and unpack the entire bag of their ornaments I have saved. Hey at least I keep them since they are special to me~ does that make it any better?

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