Saturday, January 03, 2009


I used to be a great organizer then the kids got a little older, my stepson came to live with us, Elijah started school and got involved in sports. All of these things plus hubs adding a part time job and coaching Elijah's football and basketball teams cut back on time spent at the house and an even bigger need to get organized. The house has hit an all time messy, unorganized record for me and besides stressing me out it depresses and overwhelms to the point that I give up far to easily. You know what they say "a disorganized house is representative of a disorganized life"! Well I am here to tell you I can no longer handle it and I definitely don't need anymore stress so I am taking back control.
Last night I went shopping at Wally World. Besides buying stuff for the Mean Green Giveaway, I discovered they had a wild stash of new organizational items probably b/c of the New Year and everyone saying they are going to get organized.
Note: This honestly has nothing to do with the New Year for me!
I just can't take it anymore!!
The boys room is officially done as of this evening!!
One room down ~ closet and all!!!
Before today's organizing fest the boys' closet look like this:

Many bags to Goodwill (like always), a box of clothes to a friend, a couple bags of toys to go to my Mom's, plenty of trash, some new cute canvas organizing bins from Wally World (2/$10) with labels made by moi and this is their closet now:

The space under the TV stand which is normally filled with DVDs, tapes, larger cars and games that once looked like this only worse

Now looks like this:

Then onto our closet to tackle hubs pile of shoes! I personally think he has a shoe fetish and often comes home with off the wall, ugly, crazy looking tennis shoes but I just laugh and get really embarrassed when he wears them. I will often say what in the world are you going to wear those with and he responds with "I'll just have to find a shirt to match!" I guess it is better than him being a porn crazed maniac so I deal although it was quite funny how nervous he got when I told him I was going to organize his shoes! He knows how much I hate some of them and he thought I was going to throw them away! Sorry back to the point ~ see Janelle I ramble too!

This was his shoe pile before:

and after

Notice the orange, pink and purple pair on the second row!

A new hideous pair I discovered for the first time while sorting! Ugh!

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