Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I get a call from a friend tonight whom I haven't talked to in a little while. She says, "How was your day?" Not sure if she really wanted to know but this was my answer!!

This is how my day has gone.....

8:30am ~ Dad calls telling me he won't be in today because he went to the ER last night and he has two kidney stones. This means more than likely he will NOT be making his Aunt's funeral or pickup up my Grandma to take her to Iowa for her sister's funeral. What now?

9:00am ~ While getting out of the shower, I hear Isaiah having a coughing fit. I go to check on him wrapped up in my nifty new Sexy Mama towel Momacita Cleta made me when low and behold he coughs, gags then vomits on my feet! Nice! He doesn't have the flu or anything like that he just does this if he gets any cough AT ALL! I think he has my easily triggered gag reflex!

9:15am ~ Done with shower #2

9:20am ~ Mom calls to tell me about Dad going to the ER not knowing he already called. She wants to know if I will stop by his doctor's office to pick up his medicines. Ok what is one more stop for Dad!

10:00am ~ We are finally in the car and on our way!

10:40am ~ FINALLY leaving the doctor's office! I thought I was going to go postal in there, seriously! First I had to wait in the line with 5 people in front of me. Going pretty fast until the man directly in front of me had a NEVER. ENDING. STORY. I thought I was going to rip my hair out! This man kept asking the same question over and over and over again and without fail the receptionist kept saying I don't know sir you will have to ask him when you see him. He kept saying, "Well is he going to do it!" Same cookie cutter response. "Well is he going to do it!" Again same cookie cutter response! Man....GET. A. CLUE. she does not know!! I thought for a minute maybe he needed a quick slap on the back of the head because he had a one track mind or something was stuck up in there! FINALLY THEY GET TO ME! No meds! No prescriptions! I then begin to wonder if I had misunderstood Mom and was supposed to go to the pharmacy but now the blind receptionist just missed his prescriptions ON THE TOP OF THE PILE THREE TIMES!! Call Dad to see if he wants me to drop off the scripts for Mom to P/U or just wait for them! Just wait! Great!

10:45am ~ The pharmacy says it is a 30 minute wait if I "drop off" the script in the drive thru but only a 10 to 15 minute wait if I come inside. OK well that was a no brainer! I unload the boys, go into the pharmacy to shop around while we wait!

11:00am ~ Still waiting!

11:15am ~ Still waiting and getting impatient!

11:35am ~ It's finally go time! We waited not 10 minutes, not 15 minutes, not even 30 minutes BUT A WHOPPING 45 MINUTES! DUDE I SO ABOUT LOST ALL MY MARBLES IN THERE!!

12:00pm ~ On my way to work I decided to call my friend to see if she had left her house since Monday. She does NOT leave her house until ALL ice is gone and refuses to emerge to drive AT ALL until then. I was calling to check on her....well ok more like make fun of her when all of the sudden A LARGE LINE OF ICE from the power line above my car FALLS ONTO MY WINDSHIELD! I screamed and think I peed a little which she thought was absolutely hilarious and said it was God teaching me to be nice! Not funny, not funny at all! I am finally at work! Woohoo the excitement is almost unbearable!

2:00pm ~ Went to Taco Bell. More ice failing from power lines onto my windshield which means more pee and more screaming. Dude it makes you want to scream "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" and hop out of the car until you realize you would look like a complete moron and that would totally undermine the whole "I am woman hear me roar" mantra! I might need to carry clean underwear in my car from now on!

NOTE TO OKLA DRIVERS: Do not stop directly under any stop lights or power lines at traffic stops when the ice begins to melt. The ice will fall on your car and can cause temporary loss of bladder control! No loss of bowel control has been reported but it could be likely! You've been warned!

4:02pm ~ I got a rather cryptic email from fellow BA blogger Georgie telling me school is cancelled again tomorrow. I thought surely it was just a sick joke and laughed it off!

4:05pm ~ My sister calls to tell me her husband has been rushed to emergency surgery to have his gallbladder removed at 3:40pm

4:25 pm ~ My phone rings again and blinking "BA Schools" knowing it was the automated telecast school cancellation message, I cringed but answered only to find out Georgie's email was in fact correct and school is cancelled again tomorrow! UGH! This prompted my Writer's Workshop post I will be doing when I am finished with this one!

4:45pm ~ Feeling bad for my sister waiting in the family surgical waiting room alone I decide to go sit with her. This was quite a tough decision for me since on Oct. 7, 2008 her husband left her and the kids. My thoughts went like so

  1. My sister is alone! Although estranged from her husband, the father of her youngest boy, she still desperately wants to work it out with the giant sized loser and I know she is a bundle of nerves.
  2. Although I under no circumstances wanted to see him, I did have visions of him in a drug induced state and me kicking some sense into his big 'ol butt. This would probably be my one and only chance to fight him AND win!! Oh how nice it would be for him not to be able to talk back~!!

5:00pm ~ I arrive at the hospital and convince my sister to walk up to EOPC to see a certain special little girl in the blogger community. Guess who I say this evening? My sister thought I was nuts and would come off as stalkerish but after telling her HARPER's story and about all the gifts and visitors she has already had then she was on board. We thought we would never find her through the medical supply and blind covered windows but low and behold we found her. They were holding her for the first time and we just cried. Mommy was grinning ear to ear with teary eyes while Daddy was taking pictures a million pictures with his giant camera. No joke guys they have a whopper of a camera! Then the nurse handed her a bottle so she could feed her for the first time and we cried even more. I wanted so badly to wave or knock on the window but there was NO way on God's green Earth I was going to interrupt their long awaited moment. I can't imagine waiting that long to hold and feed my baby and the last thing I would want is some blogger bangin' on the window! lol I could barely see Harper but when I could she was a beauty. She is so big and cute! I wish I could have met the Stamps but it was not about me after all just that sweet little baby and her parents. I could not wait to get home to see all the new pictures I knew would soon be up!

7:30pm ~ I call Hubs to tell him I am leaving the hospital and will be home shortly when he says, "Can you stop and get some food?" meaning he has yet to feed our children.

8:00pm ~ Get home, feed family nutritious fast food, begin cleaning house and doing laundry with a blogger check now and then! OOOOhhh and they have tonight's pictures of Harper up so you must go see her!

NOW I have kids in bed and onto my obsession.........oh blogger how I love thee!


  1. phew what a day...
    sorry i was the bearer of bad news...misery LOVES company yanno lol

  2. Seriously...How do you do it all?? I get exhausted just reading your posts!!


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