Sunday, January 04, 2009


Thank God it is time for Not Me! Monday again and a little MckNote for MckMama ~ I understand you led a crazy couple of weeks with the holidays, traveling, sick MckKiddos and baby Stellan in the hospital but I think I was experiencing withdrawals and there is a lot of stuff I did NOT do SO I am so glad you are back!!

  • I did NOT eat my cereal in my room in the comfort of my bed because I was freezing and wanted to be under the covers. I did NOT do this because this is against our house rules. NO EATING IN THE BEDROOMS! ALL food and drinks with the exception of sippy cups are to be kept in the living room or kitchen! That is the rule!
  • Elijah did NOT catch me eating in my room and say, "Mommy, why can you eat in your room but we can't?" My response was NOT an affirmative, "Because I am an adult and I don't sp....(insert mental image of me getting out of bed with my cereal bowl half full of milk, tripping over a random toy in MY room, hopping around trying not to fall, stubbing my toe on the vacuum, falling flat on my face, milk flying through the air to land on my FACE, my floor and my walls) ...ill!" Elijah then did NOT laugh at me and say, "Um okay whatever you say Mommy!" and leave the room. I then did NOT say in a eat my words kind of way , "Elijah can you get Mommy a towel please!" His response with muffled giggling, "Sure did you spill something!" Of course this never happened because I would never break the house rule (in front of the children) especially since I created the rule!
  • I had NOT already stubbed my toe twice on the vacuum THAT morning and after the third "spill" I think I broke the pinkie toe on my left foot! I really should NOT have left the vacuum there after the first time I stubbed my toe on it!! Hold on..........I had to go move the vacuum!
  • I did NOT allow the kids to stay on New Year's Eve. I think Elijah thought something amazing was going to occur besides the ball drop!! He really said, "Is that it?" I then did NOT think about making midnight the weekend bedtime because I got to sleep in until 11am on New Years Day. Yes you read that correctly 11 am! This DEFINITELY does NOT HAPPEN in our house!!!
  • In an effort to avoid crowds or because I was lazy , I did NOT wait until 5:34pm to leave the house to go shopping only to find out that the stores I needed to go to were closing at 6pm! NOT happy NOT happy at all! SO I then did NOT get mad and go to Wally World to get batteries and light bulbs then I did NOT wander around getting stuff for my Mean Green Giveaway and organizational stuff for the house. My kids closet is so clean now I wanted to sleep in there Friday night!! You really should go see it!! When I got home from Wally World, I definitely did NOT lose the bag of lightbulbs and batteries because that is the whole reason I did NOT go to Wally World. So I did NOT call to tell them! I then did NOT return to Wally World the next day only to wait in a LONG line of people to get a new set of lightbulbs and batteries for free since the cashier did NOT give me my bag! Upon getting more goodies out of the back of my car b/c it went on auto-pilot again to Hobby Lobby where I did NOT wander and buy 66% off Christmas stuff that I so desperately needed, I did NOT find the lost bag of lightbulbs and batteries b/c I had looked there earlier and they were NOT there. My friend said maybe the cashier realized I left them and followed me home to put them in my truck! So instead of me NOT losing them and NOT looking over them three times and NOT waiting in line to get a second set of the lost items ~ I'll just go with that theory!!
  • I went with Hubs, my Mom and Dad to see the Harlem Globetrotters last night and upon seeing my parents attempting to stand and do the YMCA ~ I did NOT laugh so LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG AND HARD that I almost did NOT pee my pants, coughed, choked to the point I couldn't breathe and I most definitely did NOT drool on myself during the non-choking episode of the laughter! I do NOT wish I had a videotape of my parents very bad attempt at dancing to send into America's Funniest Home Videos but IF I did I am sure it would win something!!!
  • I did NOT realize this weekend that I guess either NO ONE reads my blog or NO ONE wants to be a part of my very first giveaway! I have no problem keeping the prize however the realization was sad for me! I then did NOT think I was a freak at all for feeling this way about a BLOG giveaway! Please at least ONE of you needs to participate!


  1. Just so you know, hookah- I am going to enter your giveaway. I just have not gone to the site to see if curbside pickup is available in my boondocks area of the world!

  2. Oh my gosh! It let me post a comment!!


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