Sunday, January 11, 2009


Confession is good for the soul or NOT confessing as MckMama would say so here we go with another Not me! Monday!

  • I do NOT laugh at the idea of how many MckFriends stay up late on Sunday nights hoping, praying, refreshing their screens at lightning speeds, and wondering if MckMama will post her Not me's! early and they can make the top 10. I am definitely NOT one of these MckMinions! I am NOT so tired I could fall asleep typing!
  • I did NOT laugh when my husband tried to make my "secret recipe" lemonade and it tasted so bad that he dumped out his whole batch and begged ME to make it! Such a secret with the big bottle of lemon juice on the top shelf of the refrigerator and sugar canister on the countertop! I then did NOT laugh again as I saw him peeking around the corner trying to figure out the "secret recipe" as I made it and he thought I was putting some sort of alcohol into the batch when I was adding the lemon juice! Like I would allow my 3 yr old to drink lemonade with alcohol in it and like we even have alcohol in our refrigerator ~ wait we still have a bottle of something in there that our mortgage broker gave us when we bought the house 4 yrs ago!
  • I did NOT while experimenting and making my own household cleaners dump baking soda into my concoction then spend half an hour cleaning up a mound of foam from the kitchen counter and sink! That would have been stupid so good thing I did NOT do that!
  • I did NOT finally figure out the source of my months of back pain to be BLOGGER and my hunched over state while reading countless blogs THEN I did NOT decide instead of limiting my blog reading time that it is definitely time for a new computer desk, chair and bigger house for a computer/scrapbooking room.
  • I did NOT regret instantly agreeing to a sleepover with Elijah's friend when asked then finally give up on any hopes of them falling asleep and go to bed at 1:30am while they were still awake! I did NOT want to drug them into a solid slumber at any point! Then I did NOT wish I had drugged them when they woke me up for breakfast at 7:30am! I definitely DID wish Elijah's hadn't inherited my insomnia!!
  • I am NOT at all upset that absolutely no one has entered my first giveaway because I can keep the loot all to myself!!!
  • I have NOT procrastinated to the point that I only have three days to plan a birthday celebration for Elijah! Nope NOT me because I never ever procrastinate! Guess what I will be doing tomorrow!
  • I have NOT been at all ecstatic about my extra blog traffic and comments this week because blogging is a boring and mindless activity ~ NOT! Thanks my fellow bloggers!
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  1. LOL. Love this! (I'm a procrastinator too....)

  2. I also did not stalk MckMama's blog last night...or during the mmiddle of the night (b/c I couldn't sleep) or all morning. That would be sick. :)

    Have a great day!

  3. I don't think that anyone constantly refreshes MckMama's blog. None of us are that obsessed about it every single Monday.

  4. That MckMama , poor girl has no readers. I have NOT been there 3 times already today.

  5. OK I'm sitting up straight now!

  6. I agree with you...if your back is sore then clearly you need update blogging facilities! LOL! In fact, I think I need updated facilities as well...


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