Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Time for Wordful Wednesday!

This is Isaiah in August of 2007 and this is one of my favorite pictures of him!

We weren't actually potty training yet and he normally just used Meme's potty chair as a place to sit. We were at my Mom's visiting relatives in from out of town when he brought the potty seat out to sit on. I said, "why don't you try to go potty?" He quickly removed his pants, sat down and said, "it's not coming out!" I said, "Well you need to push a little and made a grunting face." This is what he did and we all laughed til we cried. From that day on he made that face all the time as if he had to in order to go potty and of course like a good mother I have plenty of pictures just like this one to use for blackmail purposes later on in life!

This one was taken while we were actually potty training and we were on vacation. He said he had to go poop but he would just wait until we got home. I told him the hotel was our home for a few days and it was a long ride home so he sat down, made his "potty face" and went!! Of course, again I had my camera! He is just too cute and funny to pass up! Wow is he going to hate me someday!

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  1. Oh my gosh...precious moments. And all captured on 'film'. And blogged.

    An early happy birthday wish to him too!!!!

    Come on over and visit with me and my very wordful Wednesday post...I just couldn't stop shivering this morning....errrrr, ummmm, chat-at-at-chatting away!!!

  2. oh man, he's in trouble! his first girlfriend will definitely want to see these!

  3. I love how you a good mother, you have all the pictures...LOL

  4. that is just too funny and cute.

  5. LOVE these shots. YOu definitely have some blackmail leverage here! :)

  6. Oh my gosh..that is sooo cute!!!! Boy, you've got some handsome boys!!!!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love meeting new bloggy gals!

  7. too funny - and these are most certainly blackmail material for later!

  8. That's hilarious, and he's gonna KILL you for posting that someday!! :)

  9. Oh my goodness, those are the best blackmail pictures in the history of blackmail photo's. :)


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