Friday, January 16, 2009


Elijah is amazed I know French. And by "know" I mean the very little I remember from the 4 yrs. of French I ltook in high school. He constantly wants me to say a phrase in French and I always say "Oh! It is snowing! The snow is 'chic' along the garden!"

Yep I know don't say it ~ highly inspirational!

I really should have taken Spanish since it would actually be useful in Oklahoma alas I was a teenager who knew it all and didn't need her parents input on her electives! Will parents never learn? If you want a teenager to do something, then sway them the opposite way and you will get what you want!!!

Anyway the whole "snow" phrase is highly useful. When said softly in my hubs ears, he believes I am saying something romantic or naughty. When said fast and loud, the children believe I am mad. When asked to speak French, it just makes me appear fluent because I have used it so much I can say it pretty fast.

Do they never realize I use the same phrase in all kinds of situations?
Love it!
SEE I told my parents 4 yrs of French would be useful!!

Yesterday on the way to school Elijah wanted me to showcase my French speaking abilities for I did. She said, "WOW!" I know, right! I'm a genius or at least kids seem to think so. Then they wanted to learn French and of course I taught them the highly useful "Il neige" and since it was snowing it WAS useful that day. When they wanted to learn more I taught them Je m'appelle which means my name is. I know ~ mother of the year! It is the cutest thing how amazed Elijah gets when I speak French and by that I mean using the random phrases from years of memorized dialogues to present in front of the class!

We get to my Mom's and the kids tell her the amazing, highly useful phrases I taught them to which my Mom says,

"What in the world are you saying? I can't understand that jibberish!"
(Now you know where I get it!!!)
Elijah responds with, "It's French. MY MOM speaks French!"
My Mom says, "Oh okay! I don't know French"
He says in classical Elijah fashion as serious as can be not realizing why he is funny,
"YOU don't know French! Have you ever been to FRENCH? My Mom has been to FRENCH!"
It was so darn cute and even cuter that he hadn't a clue why we were laughing.

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  1. OK, I have tears coming out of my eyes I am laughing so hard. I remember those times in French class. I try to say things to Quinlynne in French, but she has yet to be impressed. Maybe one day....and maybe she'll think it's totally cool that I've been to French too. This gives me hope!


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