Friday, January 02, 2009


It is coming folks! The New Year Mean Green Giveaway will be posted sometime today! I am working on the particulars and trying to figure out Mr. Linky ~

wish me luck!

It will be announced today!

Wait for it............

Wait for it..........

Calm down.........

Sometimes I really crack myself! Honestly I don't have many readers and only have 3 followers but I know I have lerkers. I will probably end up keeping the prize for myself or givinig it to someone in my family because I won't have any response! I am probably wasting my time figuring out Mr. Linky but surely I will need it sometime in my blogging future. It boosts my ego a tad bit to think I am popular in the blogworld so just go with it ok!!

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  1. So figure it out, woman! I am waiting to see what it is. I mean- what are you doing??? Taking care of other people's blogs???


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