Saturday, January 10, 2009


After learning about National Bubble Bath Day at my friend's blog, I decided to go look for other unique, quirky holidays. I found a list at I learned that Jan. 10th is Peculiar People Day. In honor of this I have a post!! Imagine that right ~ like I really NEED an excuse to be on blogger!! Totally bummed I missed Festival of Sleep Day last Saturday because that definitely been better than everything I did around my house AND Male Watchers Day....hmmm...not sure what that is but it sounds like some fun...again I missed that too!

Our basketball team had another WIN today but it was a fight to the finish. Our referee was well in honor of Peculiar People Day I will just say he was peculiar. Our parents and coaches were upset to say the LEAST! To say it was unfair and ridiculous is putting it lightly. The ref had the nerve to come over and say WE were out of line (seriously we never act like that!) and they were just kindergartners. Well first of all they are kindergartners AND 1st graders and that is exactly why we were SO upset. He made the game completely unfair and never once called a foul on the other team. Our boys were getting clobbered as if they were playing football again and he never once called a foul on our opposing team; however, if our boys even looked at the other team wrong he would call a foul. They really don't even call many fouls at this age and just stop the game to show them what they did wrong. WELL NOT TODAY! The point is to teach them not punish them. I think when our boys end up with slap marks and scratches on their arms and faces that surely someone fouled them especially when everyone sees it BUT the ref. If I remember right, when I played basketball we weren't allowed to touch arms and faces! Elbows in my day were out of the game except in street ball with my brothers. He would call defense in the back field (not allowed at their age) but not call it on them. Countless times he blew his whistle then SAID it was one team's ball then give it to the other ~ as if he didn't remember what he had just said. He never called out of bounds, double dribbling or traveling on them but he sure felt free to call all of the above on our little boys. He said he has been reffing for 30yrs and buddy I think it is time to retire because you are going senile and should not be reffing young children. I will be calling the office on Monday to report his conduct especially when he got in the face yelling at one of the Mom's. I am trying my hardest to be nice and not get too angry so I will just finish this post by saying today's ref and his conduct was PECULIAR at best! Don't take the fun out of the game when they are just 6 and 7 yrs old! Come on!

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  1. Hi Angela, I hope you don't mind that I mentioned this post in a Bubble Bath giveaway! Thanks for the idea! :)


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