Friday, January 09, 2009


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Photostory Friday is yet another thing I found that will be right up my alley ~ pictures and blogging about pictures! Woohoo ~ almost as good as finally getting rid of the Lemon aka Hubs Range Rover!! Here we go with my first installment:

Thanksgiving 2007 while making Indian hats aka paper hats with stapled feathers for Elijah's school Thanksgiving Feast, my Mom had the brilliant idea to make some for our entire family to wear on Thanksgiving. We had a ball with the idea and the kids loved it. Well all except for my brother-in-law Jimmy (the oversized bald guy next to Hubs ~ second from the left in the back row) who was a BIG 'ole party pooper about the idea so we had to make it a little more miserable for him and joke about his giant head ~ no pun intended.....well ok maybe there is!!

We even packed some up as a surprise so my brother Curt and his family could participate while in Arkansas having Thanksgiving with my niece Mikala! Wow were they surprised and of course the crazies had to take it one step further:

My niece Kristin even wore hers to Wally World!!

The plan was to make this crazy idea a tradition with each holiday. The plan originally was to get bunny ears for Easter, pilgrim hats for the next Thanksgiving then reindeer antlers, elf hats or Santa hats for Christmas. Christmas 2007 rolled around with nothing ~ boo! Easter rolled around and I bought the boys some bunny ears:

It amazes me how he LOOKS so innocent here!
And Elijah well not so much! My only guess is this is his impression of the Energizer Bunny......I don't have a clue!

Well he is earning points for participation!!! Hey at least Josh, my niece's then fiance, willingly participated even if it does not appear that way in the photo!!

Thanksgiving 2008 came along and passed with only two of my nephews wearing their Thanksgiving feast apparel. If only I would have known, I surely would've wiped up some pilgrim attire for all ~ alas I was not forewarned! My Mom and I had bought plenty of Santa hats for everyone to wear on Christmas this year but our memories failed us and neither one of us remembered until AFTER Christmas! I know I know! Our kids just suck the brains right out of us I swear and my Mom had four can only guess! By the way, I think out of her four children I received the most brains and this is not debatable Curt! Anyway I decided to take pics of Zay wearing his since he was wearing it around the house the other day saying, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Trismas!"

It wasn't until after our little photo shoot was loaded onto to the computer that I realized

  1. I wish I could get a really good smile on the FIRST attempt!
  2. My son is just too darn cute!
  3. He is just a giant ham and loves to see himself on the computer

MY BOY IS DOING A PHOTO SHOOT IN A SANTA HAT AND TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN PAJAMAS!! Good job I knocked two holidays out with one hat!!


  1. Oh my goodness, the bunny ears and santa hat photos are just priceless! So cute.

  2. Love the photos. Especially the funny faces your little guy made at the end. Very cute.

  3. That is a neat idea for a tradition, maybe next year more will participate. As for the photos, ADORABLE! He is such a handsome little kiddo. Love the hat AND the tick or treat pj's!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the one in the middle of him smiling while looking up. Also, love the one with the pouty face. We'll have such beautiful grandchildren.

  5. Your boy is ADORABLE! This was so much fun, welcome to PSF!!

  6. You seriously had hats for us this last Christmas and you forgot?! You know you have a criket so you should make us all fun hats this next year!!
    So about your post...yes we are waiting I am hoping Whitley gets the baby bug out of me for a while! Us moving back, probably not but hey I am only a short drive away and you can visit any time! And you being loud is so true...hehe it even shows in your blog with all the capital letters! No worries you were born into a loud family hence the reason I am also loud!

  7. Do you ever feel sorry for dull families?

  8. Love the pictures. Your boys are so handsome.
    Looks like you guys have a lot of fun at your house. We enjoy the same fun over here.

  9. he is adorable! I love the last shot -- 2-in-1 deal! :)

  10. That last pics is a classic. Those are the pics that you will love when they are all grown up. *Sniff*


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