Saturday, January 17, 2009


Today after Elijah's basketball game we met our friends Tammy and Jessie and their son John at the new Dave and Buster's for lunch. The food was really good but I shocked to see that it was half the size of the one we visited while in Atlanta a year ago. I must say the food is great but pricey and they don't really have many things for the younger kids to do. I realize that it is supposed to cater more to the adult crowd but we visited anyway. My food was REALLY good! The boys had a good time but they always do when they are together!
He's lovin' life right about now!
Totally immersed!
Pure joy!
Total concentration! Can you see Elijah's tongue?
This the THE ONLY game Isaiah wanted to play!
He loves cars!

John and Elijah attempt to dance!

And my favorite pic of the outing:

At least he does NOT get his dancing abilities from his Daddy!

This is all from his Momma and her little twinkle toes!

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