Friday, January 23, 2009


Focus Friday

The things I WILL get done in the coming week:
  • file the 100 stacks of bill lying throughout the house (sadly I never open any of them b/c I do everything on the Handy Dandy WWW)
  • gather all the 2008 info needed to do my taxes (mortgage info/medical/daycare)
  • I will be doing nothing else since this will take me FOREVER!!!!


  1. Good luck that is a big undertaking. Thanks for participating!

  2. Your final goal is my failed goal of last week. Try, try again. I'm sure you'll have more success than I did!

  3. When you are done with your 100 stacks could come over to my place and work on my 100 stacks? That would be great!

    Good luck! You can do this. Just work in managable time allotments..set a timer for 30 minutes etc.


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