Monday, January 26, 2009


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Confession is good for the soul or NOT!

  • I did NOT suck on the pump of a mini Windex bottle thinking it was my drink while blogging into the wee morning hours and eating a King Size Snickers.

  • I did NOT cry because it snowed on my son's birthday. This was the only thing he prayed for and I was NOT a complete emotional wreck.

  • During a MAJOR chocolate craving I did NOT rip the kitchen apart trying to find any form of chocolate only to find the leftover Halloween stash with just two bite size know they would have been gone in 2 seconds flat if I actually DONE this!!

  • I did NOT call our lawyer and completely flip out because Tez has lived with us for over a year and the child support payments are still coming out of Hubs checks. Tez's mother NEVER EVER gives us the money back and never pays us child support either. We had agreed we did NOT want child support from HER simply b/c we knew she wouldn't pay it but WHY ARE WE STILL PAYING HER!! Short of giving the lawyer another retainer to sue her for the money I bet we will never see it!!! I am at the point that I want him to quit his job just so the payments stop! Really we are paying for him to live here and never asked her to pay child support but then we are paying HER for a child she doesn't even have custody of or even a desire for regular visitation. I hate the dept in our state that handles child support.....they sit on their butts NOT doing a thing for anyone except themselves!! Half the people don't get child support at all and then there's us paying child support for a kid WE have custody of!!! HELLO CAN WE SAY IDIOTS?!?!?! Sorry did NOT plan on that one being so long but it ticks me off and once I get started...........
  • I did NOT go to our new Dave and Busters and while I was rounding up the children, the rest of our crew waited at the door. I did NOT just about knock out some mouthy drunk woman. I was NOT standing there talking to my 7 yr old son and 14 yr old stepson when she pushed me into my son and into an arcade game on purpose yelling "EXCUSE YOU!" SERIOUSLY I WANTED TO KNOCK HER OUT AND I WON'T EVEN DENY IT!! If her friends would NOT have grabbed her and lead her off apologizing then she would have been lying on the floor. NO one I repeat NO adult is going to push me AND MY LITTLE BOY!!! Needless to say I have NO desire to return especially with children!!
  • I did NOT attend a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese b/c I HATE that place with a passion! I then did NOT think anyone would be there because who still goes there so it wouldn't be that bad ONLY to arrive with a packed out crowd of loyal Chuck E. Cheese fans ~ I think I could actually feel my blood pressure rising and my claustrophobia taking control!

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  1. LOL about the windex bottle!!

    That's crazy about the lady pushing your at D&B! Not surprised though, since she ws intoxicated!!

  2. Aww, you get {HUGS} for having such a bad week!! I hope you have a better one this week girlie! PS. I loved the wolverine comment in your intro! ;o)

  3. Great list! I'm so sorry about the child support...what an insanely screwed up system.
    Too funny about the windex. Something like that would NOT happen to me!

    Your boys are beautiful!
    Happy Not Me Monday and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I am telling claustrophobia always kicks in at Chuck E. Cheese...which is why we went when it opened...first ones in and only ones out. Love it.

  5. I do the same thing when I have a chocolate craving! Thanks for visiting today...come back soon

  6. Great list. I feel your pain about the child support. I would have cried about the snow too.

  7. I am not a huge fan of the child support system you well know. I have learned to just shrug it off (on my part) because I know I'll never get any money to help support the child I apparently created by myself. I mean- he's only $18,000 behind. But- I couldn't just shrug it off if I was you- that's ridiculous.

  8. Girl don't even get me started on the child support system. What a big joke they are.


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