Monday, January 12, 2009


According to the website, Holiday Insights, under bizarre and unique holidays today Jan. 12th is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Hmm.....not sure what this means and according to the site they don't know what it means, where it started or who started it, but hey who cares let's feast our eyes on some fabulous wild NOW!

Matthew McConaughey
Easy on the eyes with a killer smile
I'm a little disturbed he doesn't wear deodorant but he's hot!

I love me some Morris Chestnut in a suit!

I've loved Brad Pitt since Legends of the Fall and this says a lot because I hate long hair on men!

I've loved Coby Bell since he was sensitive and vulnerable in Third Watch and never knew he had a comedic side until The Game and THAT makes him even hotter!

Ingo Rademacher with his dimples that go on for miles and his eyes that look straight through you definitely makes me all a quiver with each scene stealing act on General Hospital!

Will Smith was quirky at best on Fresh Prince but becoming a married, stable father makes him HOT!

Eddie Cibrian has had my attention since Third Watch!

Sometimes I am unsure of Vin Diesel but his serious model poses are guessed it...HOT!

Tony Parker is fabulous not only for his height and good looks but also his athletic abilities! Love a clean cut man in a suit!

Nate Berkus is admittedly gay but his killer smile and sweet demeanor make him fabulous as well as wild!

Last but NEVER least is my HUBS!

His killer smile, love for the real me, amazing daddy AND father skills, his contagious laugh and his ability to make me smile, laugh and feel loved every day makes him by far the MOST FABULOUS WILD MAN OF ALL PLUS it doesn't hurt that he is HOT in a suit!


  1. I'm sensing you find suits attractive??? Also- Matthew McConaughey's West Texas accent just does something to me that makes me quiver and melt. Yes, the no deodorant thing concerns me a titch- but I could get over it.

  2. I was getting worried that there wasn't going to be a picture of Martez!


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