Friday, January 02, 2009


While looking for a nifty little recycling symbol for my blog I found this
Who knew?
So I guess I am sexy merely because I started recycling! With me in the house being my sexy recycling self, I don't know how the hubs handles it, looking at ME as well as this


There is no way I can also let him know I have a pile of paper to recycle b/c the sexy status in this house would send him all a tizzy!!

I put this graphic up on my sidebar as well as the beginning of my post with a link to the Tulsa recycling website! If you want to be sexy and you live in the Tulsa County, then click the image and it will lead you to the Tulsa website for info or to sign up for their recycling pick up program. It is only $2 amonth added to your water bill and they bring your bin within a couple of days and they pick up the items twice a month from your curb!! Go ahead and click away then come back to read about the Mean Green Giveaway!

If you do not live in Tulsa County, then click on this

also located on the sidebar (or above) and you can search for a recycling program or dropoff by simply entering your zip code!

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