Sunday, February 01, 2009


Shandolynne received the latest notice of Elijah's party and I truly wanted Q there since Zay has been feeling like the third wheel with all of Elijah's play dates and sleepovers. Normally the boys play together but when Elijah has a friend over his same age Isaiah tends to feel left out! Boohoo for him! Shan needed to study for her first nursing exam so I said, "Bring her, drop her off at the party then she can come home with us and play with Zay so you can study plus he really misses her!" He really does miss his "dwirlfend" and we haven't seen her in quite some time. She started to cry after the party and she realized her Mommy was not coming to pick her up. Using Shan's tough love approach, I just told her to stop crying and get in the car! HEY it worked b/c she was fine after that!
We went out to eat since none of us had eaten the pizza or cake. Q......that girl is HI-LAR-I-OUS!! FIRST......
This girl can color but I hear it comes to girls quicker with the whole attention to details thing. She is only three and for the most part stays within the lines! I complimented her coloring which led to Zay needed compliments. Really the She heard me complimented his coloring and says, "Ummm it not pwetty! He scribbles!" He was saddened then saddened again each and every time she said, "he is scribbling again!" Yep, she told me over and over so I constantly had to reassure his dwindling toddler male ego!!
Quinlynne successfully learned to ignore Isaiah and to say the least he was NOT pleased. He must have tapped her arm and said, "HEY!" about fifty times before this:
Q calming turned to Zay and placed her hand on his and said, "MY name is not HEY! My name is Quinlynne!" and then slowly she looked him in the eyes and sounded out her name "QUIN-LYNNE!" There was no way anyone could hear or see this and NOT laugh and TRUST me I LAUGHED! The look on the faces of these two three yr olds was priceless ~ hers so sure and confident and his bewildered! Poor boy used a T for all K sounding words so he calls her Twinnen!
Then after Q called my name about 10 times I turned to her and said, "Yea!" She looks at me all serious and said, "Angie we don't say Yea, we say Yes!" Apparently her Grandy had been working with her on this little tidbit and you will be glad to know it sunk in!
We arrived home and I did not see or hear from the two of them for at least two hours when Q comes to me saying, "Angie, I pooped a big poopie in the big potty!" I replied with, "Good girl! Did you wipe your butt?" She quickly says, "No there was no toilet paper so it is in my panties." Nice....into the bathroom we go when I noticed the back of her pants and her shirt was all wet. My first thought was "great she has diarrhea"! Nope! What this girl did was definitely NOT diarrhea! This girl landed the biggest turd in human history. Honestly! I walked into the bathroom to find 3 kids staring in the toilet both grossed out and laughing. Not wanting her to get embarrassed I made them leave BUT when I saw the turd I too was amazed. I have never in ALL OF MY LIFE seen poop this size! UNREAL! I instantly called Shan to tell her and I even took a picture to email to her because I didn't think she would believe how enormous it was! AT LEAST A FOOT LONG plus there were many little ones at the bottom! I called Martez in for a viewing and he too was amazed! This wasn't just a large turd by three yr old standards but by human standards. Our Great Dane didn't even poop that big! She easily lost a good 5 pounds and I was scared to flush it! Although I couldn't spare you the fun of reading this tidbit, I will spare you from viewing the photos no matter how awe inspiring! Well I cleaned her up even though she had attempted to clean herself up first which is why her pants and shirt were soaked with water!
They were TOO cute together but then they always are! Shan and I call them IQ for Isaiah and Quinlynne and they crack us up. He loves her! We kid around that they are betrothed and laugh about them having grand kids for us only to torture themselves with their children's antics! Oh the thought of THEM having kids brings thoughts of SWEET REVENGE! She decided they were going to be Dora and Diego for the day and insisted they be called by those names. One time I had to crack up because he really called her "Woman!" I HATE THAT and quickly corrected him BUT I still had to laugh!

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  1. That is SOOO my daughter! I know it may have totally grossed you out, but I'm just so glad she pooped a good poopie! Seriously- how did that fit in her???? I mean- dang! Also- I didn't know he'd called her WOMAN. That had me rolling!


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