Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I live in a house full of boys!

What do most boys love?

Cars, trucks, balls, sports, trains, planes, video games, bugs, animals

and don't you forget


Elijah is a nature freak ~ all things science and nature = his loves!
He loves to watch National Geographic and Animal Planet!
I know you Non-TV watching parents are shutting up right about now because at least those are educational channels! Mmm...hmmm....

What have they been advertising non-stop for months?

Walking with the Dinosaurs Live!

at the new BOK Center here in Tulsa

This means?

I've been asked 5 billion, 651 million, 500 thousand times if he could go Walking with the Dinosaurs. I planned to take him the entire time but I did not want to commit in case something came up and I did not want to disappoint him by backing out! If I commit to something with the boys, then I follow through! The tickets were expensive and finally Saturday around 11pm I go online to buy tickets for Sunday's show ~ the LAST one here! I did not tell him until about 11:30am Sunday so he wouldn't ask me every 5 seconds if it was time to go!

It was a date ~ JUST me and my baby!

I don't claim favorites but Elijah and I have a very special bond and I couldn't wait for Elijah and Mommy time!


HOW they made those dinosaurs just boggles my mind?

So lifelike!
So so so HUGE!
So loud!

I can't believe how in AWE I was at how well BBC did with this production!

If it comes anywhere even near you, then you need to take your kids! Elijah is 7 and he loved it. I think Isaiah will be ready in a year or even two. I am sure he might have liked it now at age 3 BUT he would have been ready to leave at intermission. It is awesome, amazing, educational and probably too long, serious and loud for kids under at least 5 BUT every child is different! Good pictures were few and well....okay I never really got GOOD pics because they didn't allow flash photography and BOY did they have "flash photography" police on hand. Those little aisle monitors were running around like crazy telling people to turn off their camera flash.


Momma and baby Branchiosaurus


dodododo dodododo
{{insert scary music}}

the most famous and recognizable dinosaur of all

the T-REX


{{MORE scary music}}

I know, I know the pics just don't do this show justice but I did happen to take many illegal videos also and happened to download one here on blogger for your viewing pleasure:

Shhhh.....don't tell!
Take your kids if it comes near you!


  1. I've heard it is a really great thing to see. I hope it comes our way - and doesn't scare the pee outta mine.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    We're dino fans too, and we thought about going to that show when it was nearby, but I was worried that it would be too scary and give some little boys nightmares. Based on your pictures, it looks incredible!

  3. I took my 5yo to see this show a few months back. we loved it too but you got way better pics!


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