Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Friday is "Get a Different Name Day"
Hop on over to Holiday Insights and check out Bizarre and Unique holidays for February! Some of the quirky, unknown holidays out there crack me up!
For instance, today is Umbrella Day and although it has been raining we did not break out the umbrellas because when you live in Oklahoma aka Tornado Alley you know not to break out the umbrella's during a tornado watch! High winds and yes our first tornado watch of the year prevented breaking out the umbrella and letting the wind fly me to...oh let's say anywhere above 75 degrees would be great...ok I will get real ~ the umbrella couldn't possibly hold the weight of oh...any part of me! This is wear I tap the ruby slippers together and chant I don't want to be home, I don't want to be home! Quin where are you baby girl? I need to borrow your toddler sized ruby slippers!
Whoa...what happened! Back to topic.........
I have been thinking about assigning different names to my family simply for privacy reasons. I don't feel unsafe in the blogosphere but I would not forgive myself if something happened to one of my children b/c of my blogger addiction! That would be bad! Haven't decided yet BUT in honor of "Get a Different Name Day" coming Friday I thought I would ask ya'll what you think!
Any ideas? If you read my blog , you know somewhat about their personalities! Need help! Maybe I will think of some and do a poll but I have no ideas as of yet! Help me out girls!....and guys!


  1. I can understand the whole privacy issue. I make sure not to mention "specific" things like where we live or church, etc.

    As far as new names..hmmm..I'll have to think of that one too! :)

  2. I'm great at pretending but not so good at remembering who is supposed to be who lol I would just confuse myself if I tried to change stuff but that's just me personally. I totally understand the need of privacy.

  3. I will think about this and get back to you...
    we call lilest bean smalls...I think that is a cute nickname...

  4. I completely get the privacy thing! I struggled with this when I began blogging. My blog is a family blog so I use the names..I just don't divulge lots of info about where to find us...plus my kids are attached to my hips at all times anyway!

  5. I don't use my kids real names, or my name either for that matter. I just chose some names that were on our baby name list that I liked and my husband didn't! So now I get to use them whether he likes it or not. :o)

  6. I've wondered the same thing about privacy. I make sure to photoshop any specific details out of photos, and try not to be too specific in my posts. But by now it's too late for me to change to fake names anyway.


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