Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Being that I am deciding last minute to go ahead with this post, I chose the easy way out and am listing my "Five Most Recent Favorite Things". Here we go:

In my quest to become environmentally friendly as mentioned before and mainly to please a certain 7 yr old nagger nature lover, I began recycling when I noticed just how many plastic bags accumulate at our house. WOW!
Also while being an idiot and opening my big fat mouth starting a recycling program at his elementary school, I learned that sometime in the near future Wally World will no longer offer bags. WHAT? you ask. YEP, you heard it hear folks. Just like Aldi's you will have to pay for your bags or bring your own! Sad but honestly I think it will be a good thing.....maybe they can roll back some more prices once they are paying for bags! Yeah right! SO I decided to start buying bags periodically now!
Although the Aldi's bag is large compared to most of the cloth shopping bags and they have a great slogan ~ It's all about saving green! (earth and money if you didn't catch on!), I think they are too big. They get really heavy once they are full.
Wow I am really making this longer than necessary....too bad!
I took Elijah to Toys 'r Us because he had some birthday "change in his pocket goin' chang a lang a lang" and well I love to shop when I found these

little cutie patootie shopping bags! Aren't they cute! You wanna know what makes them even cuter........they are normally $1.49 to $1.99 and I got those little boogers for FIFTY CENTS a piece! So what did I do......I bought like 6 of them. Could've kicked myself the next day when I went to get some more and found out it was just a one day special offer! Next...


Palmolive pure + clear

Sparkling fresh scent

This stuff smells so good! I rarely use dish soap but I am finding myself looking for things I can clean it with just so the wonderful smell fills the room. Sadly I am not lying! I find myself squirting it all over the sink just to rub around and clean even though it might be clean! Hey if I am doing that then it must smell good!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT hand wash dishes! Wet food is repulsive to me and if left sitting it will make me gag so every dish goes straight into the dishwasher. I hate it and only do it when ABSOLUTELY necessary......about once a month....well honestly if that! Telling you this because I do not know how it really stacks up to other dish washing detergents but it smells good so who really cares, right!


My homemade cleaner!

Smells alright ~ fresh

Zay helps me clean because he is just weird like that and he says, "oohh Momma it smells dood!"

Super douper cheap

Cleans everything although I don't use it on glass or mirrors because the oils in it leaves streaks

I got this little bottle at Wally World for 99cents but it looks amazingly just like an empty water bottle with a squirter dealie and yes that is a technical homemade cleaner maker term there so don't feel bad if you don't what a "squirter dealie" is ~ it will all come in time!

I got the guts of the recipe from The Toby Show but I tweaked it and experimented with it until I got what I wanted. You can find my recipe here.


I won't lie and say I love this book because I haven't actually opened it yet......hold on I am laughing at myself

..........still laughing......... I haven't opened it but the mere thought of sneaking vegetables to unsuspecting children sounds like fun to me so I am going to try it someday soon! I'll let you know what I think!


By far my most favorite recent thing is

Hubs new 14 day avg blood sugar is 192 ~way down from his 60-90 day AVERAGE of 443! Did you see that.... his AVERAGE was 443 so that means he got into the upper 600s! Wow! But thanks to his amazingly smart, loving wife who nagged him for 3 months that she knew he had diabetes, he finally gave in and got checked only to find out his amazingly smart, loving wife was right yet AGAIN! Not trying to take credit here at all folks...........well maybe just a small pat on the back! Yes he still has some in the upper 200s but it is occasional tests like this


that are bringing my baby's life and glucose back down to normal as it can be in our household anyway!

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  1. I drive my husband crazy with the bag thing, too. I have one large and one huge insulated bag and three huge bags from Costco. They get heavy, but I make him carry them from the car to the house. But it really has made a difference in the number of bags we have accumulated. We take them to a supermarket to recycle, but still, the reusable ones are better.

    I like your MLK quote. at the top of the page.

  2. Good job on the blood sugar. Hopefully your hubby will feel much better with it under control. I can't imagine I'd feel if mine got that high.

    On the Wally front, I foresee almost all stores going bagless if they can - it is one of the higher costs of doing business for places like grocery stores or Wally World.

  3. {Came over from Mama Kat's workshop} :)

    A lot of the stores over in England are trying to coerce us into using our own bags... Offering rewards and the like, but really plastic bags are still the norm over here. It gets me annoyed, but I guess that we're slowly making the switch over!

    And it is SUCH a luxury that you have a dishwasher! :p

  4. I have been trying to convert to the whole reusable bag thing too. I picked up some a Target, Wally World, Frys, Toys R Us, Trader Joes...I just forget to take them with me when I run errands! lol!

    I've had that same cookbook for months and have yet to open it! It sure looks cute tho with my other unopened cookbooks! hee hee..

    That is great news on the blood sugar! My husband used to be that way. He's down to normal now, but not after a triple bypass, 17 eye surgeries, liver and kidney damage...all a result of being in denial about his disease for years amd all before he was 40 years old! I am so happy your hubs is taking good care of himself!

  5. First off, I think you will grow to LOVE the bags. You just need to find the right ones. I started using my own bags about 6 months ago and I LOVE THEM! You can fit so much more in, they are easy to carry and we can fit a whole week's worth of groceries into only 6 bags. I don't know if you have a Wegman's near you but they have the BEST bags and they are only 99 cents.

    And I'm looking for a homemade cleaning recipe that really works so I'm going to try yours out. Save money & the environment. I already have the squirt dealie.

    And good for you for getting your husband on the right track! You are literally saving his life. If he gives you trouble, tell him to read this post I found recently. It will "scare him straight."

    And I'll be back tomorrow for your Friday High Fives!

  6. I'm trying to do the bag thing too, but I'm not sure I'm doing a very good job. I don't like to grocery shop so when I do I get like a ton of stuff and it is hard to have enough bags to fit allll that stuff in them. But I should get points for trying. My nephew recently was diagnosed with diabetes. It can be very scary. BTW, I left something for you on my blog

  7. Hello!
    I used to always shop at Aldi til we bought the restaurant. I had more cases of canned goods and pie crusts!!! Here, only the really poor people shop there but I never cared, just took my quarter and my iPod and went crazy. I need one of those cute bags. The TRU bags are cute too. I save my Walmart bags to wrap Christmas breakables in, for bathroom trash bags, etc...but I would not cry if I had to use my own.
    I like the safer cleaners, I keep bleach on hand for those rare occurances when a white shirt cannot be rescued with vinegar. I use the Clorox Naturals, they have glycerin and cocnut oil and lemon oil and they even get up coffee stains on the counter. I will print up yours to try. I also like Palmolive Eco for dishwashers. I do love Bounty, I am guilty of paper towel use but I don't waste them on cleaning.
    It is great that you caught his diabetes in time before anything bad happened. I had it when I was pregnant and only watched my diet and checked my blood a lot but it really opened my eyes to what could happen if I don't watch myself.
    I cried so hard when I read your recap of Daisys passing. I know how sad it would be since we treat our dogs like children. My heart breaks for you. She is the most beautiful girl and you know God took her before the pain was too bad, believe that! German Shepherd can get that easily since they wolf down their food and you have opened my eyes to the symptoms. Rescue a shelter dog that would be put down, you will feel so good and Daisy will smile down on you!

  8. Oh that blood monitor brings back memories. I had gestational diabetes with my first pregnancy, and I despised checking my levels. But, I'm glad at least, your husband has his under control!

    Also, I am loving your reusable bags. Especially the cheap ones!!!

  9. I loved your list! I will be having a beautiful CityShopper bag from Reusable bags giveaway tomorrow. Stop by!

  10. I learned so much from your post! I can't even believe it! I need to start stocking up bags since I can't stop shopping at Walmart due to the prices. I hate it there but those prices lure me back.

    I do find it rather amusing that one of your top favorite things is something you haven't used yet. LOL

  11. Loved it :)that's crazy about Wally World n no bags. Thanks for the heads up lol


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