Thursday, February 19, 2009


Pride in toddlers is just the cutest!
Feb 2007 ~ (almost 2) I saw this and thought 'Now let's not notice the food all over his shirt, the one pants leg up, the untied shoe and complete ignore the fact that he is standing on the trunk in the living room and just go get the camera!' So I did just that! Although this is not allowed, he was so so proud of his achievement and his excitement was just too cute to pass up.

He showed off a little and looked oh so cute doing it! THEN what do you do when Daddy reaches his big strong arms out to get you...........
Then over and over while laughing and Mommy taking picture after picture UNTIL...................

Mommy spoils all the fun and makes him stop! Look at those eyes ~ he was crushed! Now some might say I shouldn't have allowed it in the first place but he was irresistible standing there so proud but I needed to stop it so it wouldn't become a habit! Oh the joys of motherhood! I love this boy either way proud or with the boo boo lip!

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  1. Aww...and he was having so much fun, mommy!!

  2. He IS adorable in both forms: mad and playing :) great pictures Angela!

  3. Oh that is a sad face. Love the pictures and how they tell a story. Too cute!

  4. I love that jumping picture. It is adorable!!!

  5. cuteness! he looks so proud! and love the trust they have when they take a flying leap. knowing the will be caught.

    they grow up so fast! way to document the memory!

  6. I love that devilish grin in the second photo. It reminds me of my boy!


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