Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Some of you noticed I did not do an "I heart faces" post this week and emailed me to hurry up before I missed the deadline. I am a little upset with them right now! Don't worry it will not last long since I can't resist a photo post AND I already have next week's entry planned! I have no will power I tell you! I had almost 50 comments on my entry last week! That is more than I have ever had on any post. I know most of you out there can get over 50 comments on every post but that is rare for me! I thought my entry last week was really good and I didn't even have to win to be happy but I didn't even make the top ten or their picks! Really! Do you have to have professional editing skills and a two thousand dollar camera to get recognized? Oh well, I LOVED ALL OF MY COMMENTS and I will have to be happy with that but I just needed to vent! I love "I heart faces" and I will return on Monday......bright and early because I am addicted!!
While I am venting...............WHAT IS UP BLOGGER? Something must be up because I lost 5 followers then gained three only to lose four then gain one again! This must be some Blogger issue because surely my followers aren't that finicky or I have some serious issues I need to resolve. Please tell me it is Blogger and not me! I barely have followers as it is and I just made 25 last week........don't take them away! Come back my bloggy friends and "Follow me, follow me..." Not desperate, not desperate at all! HA! Hey and while I am at it ~ why do the ads on the sidebar only show up about 50% of the time? Huh? Huh? The ads have to appear in order for people to click on them ~ give a girl a break!


  1. Total blogger glitch, girl!! Hopefully it will all be fixed completely!!

    I'm still here for ya! LOL

  2. Blogger is screwing up everything lately O.o It's them not you. I read something about making sure you aren't anonymously following people because they messed that up and even though they are following you it doesn't show. Idk it's aggravating. Congrats on all your deserve them :) I think the most I've ever gotten is 20something on an Outdoor Wednesday post lol it's cool I still love everyone ♥


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