Sunday, February 08, 2009


Time again for some confessions or NOT!

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I did NOT almost flip out at the Wal-mart Pharmacy on Friday and realize why I never used them in the first place. I did NOT want to hop over the counter and strangle the ignorant teenager and pharmacist helping me or should I say NOT helping me at all and making a five minute stop turn into a 45 minute torture session and for making me late to pick up my son! I will stop there b/c that is a post all in itself.

I did NOT get overly excited when our basketball team won their game Saturday with a score of 18 to 1 then run to hug my boy after the game because he scored 10 of those 18 points!!! I was NOT proud at all!

I did NOT get out of helping my MIL move by claiming to NOT feel good then take a much needed 3 hour nap with a certain 3 yr old! I would never do that! IF you only knew my MIL, you would know why I did NOT do this!! The SAD fact is she was probably more than happy my children and I were NOT there!

I have NOT become a carb counting fool thanks to my hubs recent diabetes diagnose and I certainly have NOT eaten any and all sugar I can get MY hands on due to panic over his recent diagnosis. I certainly would NOT do this.....well at least NOT in front of him!! For instance, I so did NOT rationalize eating a bowl of ice cream at 11pm that is rarely even in our home by staying up until 1am! Because that would have made it ok ~ right?!

I did NOT tell Hubs our marriage could be hazardous to his health. I did NOT tell him we probably can't get his sugar down on the count that I am just too sweet. I did NOT get overly offended while he laughed!

I do NOT periodically burst out laughing at the thought of Hubs claiming his "thyroid" hurts while he is hunched over rubbing his THIGH! You guys have got to go read this one, seriously it is too funny to pass up!!

In a hurry to get things done around the house, I did NOT tell Zay he was ok and to stop crying when he was injured only to see his face and shirt covered in blood moments later. I did NOT feel like the worst Mom ever once I realized in an effort to help ME he had fallen on cement and his tooth had gone clear through his bottom lip which was now a VERY LARGE bottom lip with a giant hole! Nope NOT me b/c I always tend to his numerous uncontrollable whimpers that fill my days! Since he is a cry baby I have learned it is easier not to cater to every single cry! This would put a damper on your Mom of the Year nods for me so I am glad this did NOT happen!

I did NOT fail to file the many piles of bills nor have I sorted out the medical bills in order to do our taxes. I have NOT done this because I am a procrastinator but instead I am willing to blame it on my remarkably bad and busy week so NOW I will NOT get to go shopping this week! *sniff*sniff!


  1. LOL @ Wal Mart! I've experienced my slowest Wally visit in Virginia in 2000!! I think I was in line for at least 20 minutes and there was only like 2 people in front of me!!

  2. ooh hopefully your shopping will make you feel better! :)~
    I don't know always react to my children's cries either! Most of the time we know what's serious and what's not...!
    I had gestational diabetes and ate a lot of cottage cheese, peanut butter crackers, and special k protein plus. I also only gained 10lbs my whole pregnancy! Crazy!!
    It's an adjustment but once you find what is good and what isn't, it won't be such a shock!!

  3. LOL! I have a MIL I would NOT have done that to either...snort giggle snort! Seriously funny post! hee hee hee!

  4. I don't even want to think about taxes...ugh! I just have a drawer that I throw reciepts in...I certainly don't want to have to go through it.

    The thyroid thing was funny!

  5. I have been suspended for life from "Mom of the Year". SIGH! Today is Two Cents Tuesday and I would be honored if you linked up. It's just about sharing your two cents. Hugs, Jen

  6. I never had a problem with the Walmart pharmacy. Hmm. I think you should just burst into tears next time they suck at their jobs. I mean least it'd be fun!

  7. My thyroid hurts! Hahaha!

    I am just glad that this year I think we are going to get some money back... hopefully!


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